Outrage As Giant M&M Substituted for Peach Drop

Atlantans are outraged that the New Year’s Peach Drop organizers have apparently sold out to a corporate sponsor.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published this photo in today’s online edition notifying “holiday purists” that the iconic peach has been replaced by a gigantic yellow M&M candy.

The Mars candy company fueled the flames of public indignation by releasing this statement: “Atlanta is the perfect place to ring in the “Year of Peanut,” considering peanuts have been the official crop of Georgia since 1995 and the state annually produces roughly half of the United States’ yield – upwards of 1.7 million tons in 2012 according to the Georgia Peanut Commission.””

But the Mars corporation quickly made an about face following widespread public outcry in Atlanta.

From AJC.com:

The public relations firm representing the Peach Drop has clarified what will happen on New Year’s Eve: “The peach will still drop at midnight — it will arrive shortly and be put into place. The M&M that is currently on the tower will stay in that spot and will not move on the tower during the festivities, which will also include fireworks and confetti.”

[The AJC writer adds] Who would have guessed that the buzz last week over Janelle Monae headlining the Peach Drop concert would be overtaken this week by talk of a giant fiberglass piece of candy?

Please check back for updates on Peanutgate 2013…