Beyonce and Jay Z claim to be taking part in a 22-day vegan diet, which many believe is just another publicity stunt designed to generate headlines. Case in point: the paparazzi snapped photos of Beyonce wearing leather and fur while entering two separate vegan restaurants on the west coast.

Even the most uninformed vegan wouldn’t wear clothing made from animal skin or eat food containing animal products.

But attracting attention — while appearing to be ignorant of the circumstances of her actions — is what Beyonce does best.

Jacoby Cash, an animal lover, was so enraged that she wrote Beyonce a terse note on her Instagram page: “Asshole move going into a vegan restaurant in a fur. You’ve lost a fan.”

It’s obvious that Beyonce wore leather and fur into vegan restaurants in the hopes of evoking backlash from animal lovers, which in turn would generate headlines in the media.

Beyonce is dumb, but she’s not that dumb that she doesn’t realize she is offending true vegan devotees and animal lovers everywhere. Anything for attention, right Beyonce?

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