Phaedra C Parks vs Angela Stanton

James Radford, Jr., the attorney for author Angela Stanton, has asked a Gwinnett County judge to rule in favor of his client in the matter of Phaedra C. Parks vs. Angela Stanton. Radford cites the fact that Parks, an attorney herself, has refused to sit for a deposition to show evidence that Stanton defamed the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member in her book, Lies of a Real Housewife.

Radford is also asking the court to order Parks to pay Stanton's attorney's fees.

Read the full Motion for summary judgment below.


I have received numerous inquiries about this motion today. Rather than comment on it, I am publishing it here. I’d prefer to let the pleading speak for itself. In sum, we are seeking summary judgment in favor of Angela Stanton, against Phaedra Parks, on defamation claims asserted by Ms. Parks. All the evidence that has been developed in this case points to the truth of Ms. Stanton’s book, Lies of Real Housewife, and Ms. Parks has failed to put on any evidence to support her claims. Ms. Parks has not sat for her own deposition. We are also seeking sanctions in the form of attorneys fees due to what we believe to be frivolous litigation.

Parks v Stanton - Defendants Motion for Summary Judgment

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