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Mariah and Nick Cannon divorce

Songbird Mariah Carey and multimedia mogul Nick Cannon are divorcing on good terms. The estranged couple dined together recently, reports gossip tabloid TMZ.

Unlike divorcing couples who routinely sling mud at each other, Nick and Mariah are divorcing quietly for the sake of their twins. Mariah reportedly slapped a muzzle on Nick forbidding him from airing out her dirty laundry. That might have something to do with their civility.

TMZ first reported ... the divorce is a "done deal" and the couple has been separated since May.

We're told they are not only on good terms -- primarily for the sake of their kids -- they even went to dinner Friday in Tribeca and shockingly no one even noticed.

It's a big improvement from 6 months ago, when there was so much contempt they literally could not be in the same room together.

We're told it's all about the kids ... they're both committed to making the divorce as easy as possible on them. But -- let's just say one side tells us -- they will NEVER get back together. Source

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    • deedeegirl

      I hate to see this happen, they seemed happy together.

    • Bad Influence

      Good! Now if we can get Mariah off the sauce, all shall be well :lol:

    • <—MisTaken: My shoulders too big to box with God. GET.INTO.IT :eek:

      Mariah face looks sew big up there :facepalm: Like she been eating inflated balloons. But yes I want her to win. Please put down the vodka nad get your throak surgery. Total Package said the streets need you :rules:
      Whew child I cracked myself up if I ain’t touch nobody else :hahaha:
      Let me write my LHHATL spill before I leave :typing:

    • Sun_Tooth

      nick stooped. I woulda loved her money with all my :heart: I swear dudes don't know how to keep a marriage and side chicks pleased to save they lives :no:

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :hug: Come to me Nick :lick:

    • BigSisterGorgeousOne

      Nick :cell: me soon as the :rules: is finalized

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      BigSisterGorgeousOne says:

      Nick :cell: me soon as the :rules: is finalized

      :banned: :chase: :karate:

    • PumpkinsMama

      Jen who dat Sprite in your gravi :huh:

    • Bird

      I wonder if he started getting that big dumb a$$ tat removed yet.

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      PumpkinsMama says:

      Jen who dat Sprite in your gravi

      Eric Northman lil dyck self .... with his sexy azz :love: chile dude turns me on ..... 6'4 and I'm loving him :love: he is on True Blood

    • User Friendly

      :lol: @ BSGO & Jenie

      yall crazy

    • BigSisterGorgeousOne

      Damn now my sister wife has turned on me :wail: THIS CAN'T BE LIFE :dead:

    • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

      I wish them both well and hope they can co-parent their children in a mature respectful way. :shrug: (and i hope 'sauced' Mariah aint promised dem babies their own unicorns once daddy's gone "out of town" :no: )

    • jeniefrumdabloc

      :rofl: :rofl: BigSis I can't stay mad at you long :hug:

    • User Friendly

      :newpost: and chile I dont know what it means either :confused:

    • Nancy Drew (fka IsThisThingOn) has entered into witness protection :cool:

      "Mariah and Nick Cannon Divorce On Good Terms"

      THOTS errwhere getting their booties re-flated and their weaves re-glued!
      :think: maybe Nick can holla at Paula Patton... their kids would all 'blend' nicely... :kona:

    • sassyshe

      Mariah aint stoopid, she doing whatever possible to make sure Nick dont take those kids and her money

    • <—MisTaken: My shoulders too big to box with God. GET.INTO.IT :eek:

      :typing: LHHATL
      Stevie and Jose: HIGH AS THEM TITTIES SITTING ON EJ’s NECK WHEN HE PUTS ON HIS LA PERLA SIZE TRACTOR TRAILER LINGERIE :snort: They need to go to Charter Peachford and get help
      Benzina and Thee Thee: When he said Stevie was hot on account of the cocaine :ghost: He is a funny guy. But not fast. He let Stevie walk up on him with the Incredible Hulk/Undertaker and steal on his girl??? Thee Thee actually has kept it 100 at this point and Jose started it all calling her a hoe when her dude slept with her and lied. Then Stevie said I f’d your girl….. Ummm Jose that’s not cool…. She could be like I did your HUSBAND. Either way.. nobody has a clean culture test at this point
      Erica P: You wanted some of that dizniyee from Scrap. YOU REALLY DID. Let’s be honest. Stop lying. You cute but not so cute that he wasn’t trying to bang other chicks. You sound dumb. One of those that think they can keep and steal a man solely based on your looks.
      Erica Dixon: You common whore. Man called it. Where is your daddy? :lol: You really outdid yourself. You are something else. Maybe Bam and Scrap ain’t in a relationship but the way you explained it it seemed like you were trying to shock the world and upstage her…revenge… so yea you petty…. And even if you didn’t let him put the head in you still nasty
      Scrappy: :eatme: WHAT DAT MOUF DO? How you gone lie? Then take the test. BRUH :stop: WHEN HAVE YOU EVER PASSED A TEST???????? Not one in school and certainly not a piss test.
      Bambi: I got nothing. You looked good. You weren’t ratchet… You were chill. You on there for the exposure. Well played :tea:
      Karlie “Coochie Dead” and Joc: Joc folk..what was you wearing. Nut buster capris….. a cute jazzy floral blazer that I want :eek: a colorful belt that still didn’t waist train your gut… a 1947 Harlem Knight’s driver hat… it was all TEW much. But I see you stood up for your reall boo :claps: you a gent. I must admit he is funny :yes:
      Rasheeda and Curt :yawn:
      Kaleena reall was pregnant ………………

    • Wasting time


    • Who Dat

      They divorcing quietly cause she got a gag order out on him. Probably got Tommy Mottolla on standby to make his ass dissapear forever he say anthing else.

    • BigSisterGorgeousOne

      Jenie :woohoo: :happy:

    • Unshakable

      @Bad Flu,

      I left a msg for you downstairs.


      I was hoping they would work things out and stay married, but if this is what's best for them and their family, then best of luck to them. Sometimes, it's just not meant to be.

      Random question - So in several interviews, a famous person has stated that he does want to be married and have children. He is 40 and still single. I just wonder how him of all people could still be single when he seemingly has so much to offer? No judgment, just curious. Maybe he hasn't met his soulmate? :think:

    • Wasting time

      nick stooped. I woulda loved her money with all my :heart: I swear dudes don’t know how to keep a marriage and side chicks pleased to save they lives
      But her gripe or one of them was about him taking every job :shrugs:

    • CocoKhaleesi

      Shockingly no one noticed because no one CARES

    • devinedesign

      I think they will get back together after Mariah can figure out how to control her drinking.
      Oh... before I forget.
      Ms Taken,
      I'm in need of your personal email address. I need to be able to send you a copy of my monthly bills (which YOU will be responsible for):hahaha: due to your "Taken" stories. The last one with re:your back salve made me BOL at my desk!!! Not good when your job is in the process of lay offs!!