Sean Combs

Hip Hop mogul Sean “Puffy” Combs is cooling his heels in the UCLA campus jail after he was arrested today for trying to fight UCLA’s strength and fitness coach.

Combs, who is described as a “helicopter dad” for hovering menacingly over football practices, was on the sidelines pacing up and down watching the action on the field on Monday.

That’s when he noticed UCLA Strength and Conditioning Coach Sal Alosi barking and yapping at his son, Justin, who is a very small defensive back.

According to gossip blog TMZ, Alosi was yelling and screaming at Justin. Apparently, Combs wasn’t pleased with the way the coach was humiliating his son on the field. So Combs confronted Alosi in the locker room.

Alosi, who was on his cell phone, told Combs to wait a minute. But Combs lost his cool and grabbed a kettle bell weight and swung it at Alosi’s head. Combs missed but he could’ve killed the coach with that deadly weapon.

Campus police was called and Combs was arrested for aggravated assault.

Alosi is something of a hothead himself. He was famously fired as a NY Jets coach and banished from the NFL for tripping a Miami Dolphins player on the sidelines.

If you recall, Combs was embroiled in a controversy over Justin’s scholarship to UCLA, which many believe was actually paid for Combs. It’s hard to believe UCLA would give such a little guy like Justin a full scholarship if Combs’ money wasn’t involved.

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