Ever since news of Sandra Bland’s suicide broke last week, there have been one ridiculous theory after another by the breathtakingly ignorant collective known as Black Twitter.

Black Twitter’s latest dumb theory is that Bland is “dead” in her booking photo. Are we looking at the same booking photo?

Has Black Twitter ever seen a dead body before?

Can Black Twitter chew gum and tie their shoelaces at the same time?

Here’s how we know Sandra Bland is NOT dead in her booking photo:

Sandra Bland booking photo

The LA TImes published Bland’s Waller County jail booking documents. Included the documents is the same booking photo; with the same folds in her clothes as the ones in the so-called “dead booking photo”.

Sandra Bland most likely received bad news from the bail bondsman that her family was not going to bail her out Monday morning.

She had a history of depression, and her arrest was one more stressful setback that she couldn’t handle.

She committed suicide. Depression is real.

One. More. Time. Sandra Bland is not dead in her booking photo.

Can we put this stupid theory to rest now?

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