R&B singer Kelly Rowland took her cutie pie 14-month-old son, Titan Jewell, to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. Titan’s daddy, Tim Witherspoon, also tagged along to help pick out the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.

In unrelated news, Rowland is petitioning Empire‘s producers to beef up her role on the soap opera musical.

Rowland plays Leah Walker, Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard)’s mentally unstable mom who appears only in flashbacks on the show.

But Rowland wants to spread her wings and prove she’s a better actress than her former Destiny’s Child bandmate, Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

Rowland may get her wish.

Empire showrunner Ilene Chaiken told Variety that Rowland’s character will be expanded in season 2.

Chaiken also said Leah Walker’s confusing background will be cleared up in due time.

“You learn a lot of things, and we reveal them slowly — it’s a very slow burn over the course of the season,” Chaiken told Variety.

She added; “Who is Lucious Lyon? How did he become the person he is? This is the story we’re telling with Kelly Rowland in the flashbacks. And the reveals will ultimately be very consequential.”

Leah’s story will continue to be told in flashbacks until the day she and her son meet again.

Unfortunately, the way viewers are tuning out by the millions, there may only be a handful of viewers left to watch the sad reunion take place.