Omar Slim White

After the break, friend of the blog Omar “Slim” White shares his unique perspective on relationships.

By Omar “Slim” White:

Why Do People Cheat?

As I study the planet I begin to understand many problems of this world. The people are losing their sensitivity. Many people can no longer feel anything which explains why they do what they do.

What’s happening? What’s taking place?

You see when we as people use expressions such as “not having a conscience” we’re describing that aspect of our being which deals with the processing of emotions.
Which is why those who process “information” at a greater degree can feel guilty about an action versus one who can do several horrific actions and not feel a thing. Chemicals in “commercial” food, water, cosmetics and other so called necessities are responsible as well.

We must also factor in genetics. Which explains why some beings can see someone being tortured and not feel anything. Which is why some beings can see people being attacked and not do anything.

We must understand the psychological, biological and spiritual components.

So imagine a man cheating constantly on his wife, we must understand the malfunction taking place. When you’re “truly” bonded to a person you become ONE with that person. When you’re one with that person you feel what they feel. So for those who’re married and commit adultery you’re desensitized. How can you possibly have a true connection? This explains why certificates and rings don’t create the bond they are simply tools that serve as representers of the bond. So if you’re not able to establish a true connection with a partner then the paper and ring have no value.

When adultery and other heinous acts are committed we must understand that something is malfunctioning.

I remember one day I was waiting for this woman to back out a parking space. As she saw me waiting she began to take her time on purpose. This sister was broken. We’ve even seen broken people speed up as they see our turning signal. We see broken people abuse their power. We see broken people make fun of others.

We must not feed into that negativity. How can people do these things if something isn’t wrong?

Look at this world as a rehabilitation center. This is why The Creative Force responsible for ALL Life will send messengers and messages to touch the people. To teach the people. To show the people how to conduct them self as they inhabit the planet. This is why Prophets, Shamans, High priest, The Quran, Torah, Metu Neter, Holy Tablets, commandments, sacred scrolls and other resources came throughout time to teach man how to operate on a higher vibration.

Man has truly fallen from Grace so my brothers and sisters do not fall any lower than where you are. You want to transform yourself from a human being to that of a Divine being.

Peace & Blessings