Mike Epps Lira Galore

Comedian Mike Epps did the right thing and apologized to Instagram model Lira Galore for calling her a male hooker after a Twitter hacker exposed his private messages to her down in the DM.

Apparently Epps thought Galore, who was once engaged to rapper Rick Ross, lied about being hacked and exposed his messages herself.

But he thought wrong, and he apologized like a real man is supposed to, and not because the producers of his poorly-rated TV sitcom asked him to.

Mike Epps

Up next on the apology tour is Twitter comedian Li’l Duval, whose profanity-laced IG tirade directed at Galore on Instagram.com had others wondering about the true nature of Duval and Epps’ relationship.

Lil Duval

Duval’s messy rant gives some insight into the utter disdain that certain black industry men feel for black women who aren’t their mothers or daughters.

Yes, ladies, the same industry men whose music and concert tickets you buy hate you like you stole something.

But I don’t blame them; I blame their single mothers for not providing them with the proper male role models to teach them how to be men.