Omar Slim White

After the break, friend of the blog Omar “Slim” White shares his unique perspective on Love & relationships.

“Love” By Omar “Slim” White:

I don’t know about you beloved but in this lifetime I’ve definitely felt the power of love. It’s a gift to humanity to experience such a FORCE. This is why you must protect yourSELF before becoming totally vulnerable during this experience as you’re at your strongest but also at your weakest.

It’s a paradox beloved but when this experience is finally obtained you’ll feel stronger and more powerful.

The science is this, when you bond with another human being your power is amplified because you’ve become ONE with that person. Through consciousness and the exchange of information between two beings become known as the bonding process.

This is why both parties involved must operate on a righteous vibration because if you bond with the enemy they could potentially wipe you out.

The most powerful thing I developed while experiencing this force at different periods in life is when I developed a concept known as Soul Signatures.

GOD showed me that in every living being contains genetic codes (soul signatures) which contain information that will ignite/ activate within a corresponding soul signature upon crossing paths.

It takes certain keys to unlock certain doors. This is why humans create terms like soul mate and twin flame. If you’re in tune you can recognize the different feelings you experience around certain beings.

It is something in them that brings something out of you. The majority of beings on this planet are tainted which is why biblically it said man entered the world of sin. Knowing this you must be very careful not to date potential.

You must understand some people are only meant to gain experience. You must understand that you may live a cycle (lifetime) and go through life without ever truly experiencing this force and you must be prepared to accept that.

You must understand there are levels to reality. You must understand if you meet the ONE then do not play with the ONE. You must understand who you’re dealing with before you go deeper.

You must understand many things but most importantly there are many forces within nature and as a student of LIFE you must continue to find them.