university men fighting

Universities all over the country are working to purge male students of “toxic masculinity”.

On campuses, “toxic masculinity” is being blamed for violence against women and gays.

The effects on society of “unhealthy masculinity” includes body shaming, rape culture, acts of domestic terrorism, and hyper-masculinized sporting culture.

Schools are hosting lectures, training sessions and group meetings aimed at toning down unhealthy masculinity in men today.

The programs are designed to engage male students in discussions about “healthier masculinity” and “gender fluidity”.

Duke University started a program similar to UNC’s program that allows male students to “reflect on topics such as patriarchy, male privilege, rape culture, pornography and machismo”.

Gettysburg College held mandatory freshman orientation classes in August, where incoming male students watched a documentary which told them the “three most destructive words” a boy can hear growing up is “be a man.”

The programs encourage men to get in touch with their feminine side and urged men to take women studies courses.

Watch the following video of 2 men who successfully completed one of the courses offered at a university.