child abuse

A horrific case of child abuse was captured on a store surveillance video in Russia. The video footage shows the woman punching and throwing her son to the concrete floor. She then kicked the boy in the face!

As he writhed on the floor in obvious pain, another woman appeared in the frame (possibly the boy’s grandmother). The deranged mother is seen escorting the boy from the store. Once outside, she threw him bodily across the frozen tundra. The other woman is seen rushing over to comfort the child.

Shocklingly, after an investigation, a local child welfare official saw no reason to remove the boy from his mother’s care. Russia’s Children’s Rights Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said, “The boy is from a complete family. He has a father with whom we have no complaints, so he hasn’t been taken from the family.”.

The family later told a local news station that the woman has a psychiatric disorder.

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