A Virginia man was convicted of viciously beating his pregnant girlfriend as she hobbled on crutches in a convenience store.

Jamar Bernard Woody beat 26-year-old Shatory Irving so badly that her skull was exposed through an inch long wound in her forehead.

The horrific incident was captured on video surveillance inside a Roanoke, Va. convenience store in June, 2016.

Irving was three-months-pregnant and on crutches for a broken ankle when Woody launched into a savage attack on her.

The store video shows Woody shoving Irving in her back before punching her to the floor. He is seen cruelly stomping, kicking and punching the defenseless woman as she lay on the floor.

The couple’s baby was born premature but healthy last year.
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In January, a jury found Woody guilty of malicious wounding and sentenced him to eight years in prison. Several character witnesses testified on his behalf, including Irving who confessed to violating a restraining order Woody took out on her in 2014 after she busted out his windows during an argument.

The prosecutor played the shocking video in court. One juror turned away while another juror was moved to tears.

“You have to understand, it is a volatile, toxic relationship,” defense attorney Melvin Hill told the Roanoke Times.

The judge said he would include psychiatric treatment in Woody’s sentence, after Mr. Hill said Woody had a history of psychiatric problems.

CAUTION: This video contains scenes of graphic violence that may be disturbing to some viewers.