Usher Chilli

According to Instagram blogger Fameolous, is “sitting on” a scoop that a “legendary” singer is considering filing a $1.2 million lawsuit against R&B crooner Usher Raymond, 39, for infecting her with the herpes virus.

FYI: the picture of legendary TLC singer Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, 46, is being used for illustrative purposes. Fameolous did not identify the singer.

There are problems with this rumor. The first problem is that Usher does not have herpes. The 2nd problem is Fameolous is not a very credible source for gossip.

But gossip is gossip, and is in the business of gossip — as long as it’s true Tea.

For instance, a very credible source recently confided in that a certain R&B crooner is still stepping out on his wife.

My source says the singer is “a sex maniac” who is diligent about checking his environment before he has sex with women.

My spy says the singer feels under tables and behind mirrors and peers into light fixtures and inside closets — searching for the presence of recording devices.

But if he’s going to all that trouble to look for recording devices, why not just keep his zipper closed and respect his marital vows?

Why is it so difficult for industry men to be faithful to their wives?

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