Alonzo Taylor

A 14-year-old Kansas boy learned a hard lesson about violating laws — even if the law seems unfair or unnecessary. Alonzo Taylor Jr. went to the theater with friends to see the movie Avengers.

Taylor was taken aside by the movie theater manager and advised to pull up his pants or be escorted from the theater, Vlad-TV reports. Sagging pants is a violation of a local ordinance.

Taylor reportedly defied the manager’s request and the police were called. When the police arrived, Taylor put down his snack to pull up his pants, but the Wichita police officer threw away the youth’s snack and cuffed him.

Now Taylor and is mother are making the rounds of local news stations, pleading for justice.

“I just don’t want my son’s record to be messed up over sagging and to be labeled as a trespasser,” said Taylor’s mother, Ruth Dennis.

Police are reviewing surveillance footage of the incident.