cop snatches woman by hair

A Philadelphia cop was caught on video trying to snatch a Black woman’s wig off. But he quickly discovered her hair was real when it didn’t come off as he threw her to the ground.

In the viral video, a woman who was apparently arrested during a traffic stop, tells a cop she will spit on him if he doesn’t stop touching her.

The cop snatched the woman by her hair and violently threw her to the ground.

Bystanders can be heard screaming at the cop for his harsh behavior toward the woman.

Social media users expressed anger at the police and several Black males who witnessed the incident and did nothing.

Others social media users praised the woman for her healthy head of hair.

The video was initially uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 6, by @nogunzone, who captioned the vid: “WHY WAS THIS NECESSARY PHILADELPHIA POLICE??? THEN YALL WONDER WHY THE COMMUNITY RESENT YOUR PRESENCE SO MUCH…”