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A former CBS46 meteorologist filed a lawsuit against his former employer accusing former co-anchor Sharon Reed of making racist and sexist statements while on the air.

In court documents Paul Ossmann claims he was subjected to racist and ageist statements by African American co-anchor, Sharon Reed, and/or Thomas Roberts, a Caucasian co-anchor, age 46.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Atlanta on July 12. Ossmann accused his former employer of fostering a “racially hostile work environment.”

Ossmann’s attorney states Reed referred to Mr. Ossmann as a “white dog” and “a POS” or “piece of shit” while on the air.

“These comments went viral and caused Plaintiff significant humiliation, pain and suffering. This created a hostile work environment for Mr. Ossmann at [CBS46], especially when Meredith took no action against Reed and/or Thomas Roberts, his co-anchors.

Further, Reed in response to a viewer complaint of Reed’s race baiting, used the word ‘nigger’ on the air, during a broadcast, in violation of multiple [CBS46] policies and her contract. Reed’s use of the word ‘nigger’ was broadcast to hundreds of thousands of viewers in the Atlanta.”

Ossmann, 62, was employed at CBS46 first as meteorologist and then as chief meteorologist, after his promotion, according to court documents.

Ossmann was suspended in April of this year for allegedly making an inappropriate comment to a co-worker.

On April 8, 2018, Ossmann was terminated by Vice President and General Manager of CBS46, Lyle Banks, who is Black.

Ossmann had two years left on his contract when he was fired. Reed no longer works at the station.