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A Twitter user sparked a feminist debate that divided the sexes. It all started when a woman shared her story about her controlling boyfriend.

The woman, who apparently got her hair cut in a masculine style, said her boyfriend disapproved of her new hairstyle. She noted that he was still able to perform and he reached a climax in 6 minutes.

During the thread that followed, the man wrote: “I cannot even look you in your face I don’t feel comfortable in bed… it honestly makes me feel less of a man like I’m f*ck*n with a bulldagger.”

He said that after personality and loyalty, looks are the most important thing to him. He said when he first saw her with her hair cut off he almost dumped her. But then it started to grow on him – until she let her barber line her up.

The debate was evenly divided down the middle – with females taking her side and the men taking his side.

One female Twitter user wrote: “sis, did you cut him off after all of this? please say yes.”

Some men blamed her if her relationship failed (“it’s just hair.”), while women advised her to keep doing her. writer Veronica Wells, wrote: “At the end of the day, this is an example of toxic masculinity.”

While others suggested her boyfriend’s suppressed urges for men were triggered by his girlfriend’s masculine haircut and made him feel insecure.

CAUTION: the thread below contains language of a graphic sexual nature and may not be suitable for anyone under age 18.