By Sandra Rose  | 

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A disturbing video that shows prepubescent girls dancing suggestively to rap music has gone viral on Facebook.

The video clip, which garnered over 300,000 views, shows six preteens dancing suggestively to rap music.

The video was slammed by parents as an example of the bad influence rap music and social media has on minor children.

The girls, who appear to be about 12 or younger, twerk and dance in a sexually suggestive manner while a rap song blares from a SUV.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by a concerned mom who found the video on a child's cell phone. The video is being shared by children using fake accounts to bypass age restrictions on NSFW social media apps.

One outraged social media user wrote: "im not the one to judge,, but when i was their age i was coloring and playing with dolls..."

Another user wrote: "This is 20 million categories of Just. Plain. Wrong. Wth has happened to us (as a society) that these little girls are dancing – and with serious intent- like titty bar staff?”