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Popeyes Chicken

Yesterday, while driving through northeast Atlanta (DeKalb County), I saw a plethora of Popeyes restaurants, all packed with fried chicken connoisseurs waiting to taste the new crispy chicken sandwiches. Some people are not happy with Popeyes’ success.

There is a movement to discredit and slander Popeyes’ good name, as some on Black Twitter accused the “white corporation” of launching a viral marketing campaign that targeted Black people in poor neighborhoods.

In response to the backlash, Popeyes asked influential Blacks such as DJ Jermaine Dupri and rap mogul T.I. to step in and clear the air.

“Just in case you didn’t know #Atlanta you ARE supporting Black Business when you get that Spicy Chicken Sandwich from @PopeyesChicken,” reads a meme reposted by JD and T.I.

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They want you to know that baseball legend Hank Aaron, who resides in Southwest Atlanta, owns 27 Popeyes restaurant franchises around the Greater Atlanta area. And Mack Wilbourn, who is a person of color, owns the #1 and #2 Popeyes franchises in the world.

T.I. captioned his post: “One time for the OGs. #UsorElse.”

So when you stand in line to taste the crispy fried chicken sandwiches that all of Twitter is buzzing about, rest assured that you are supporting Black businesses.

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One time for the OGs #USorELSE??

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