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Black Twitter expressed outrage over a Texas Ranger’s testimony in defense of former cop Amber Guyger who is on trial for murdering Botham Jean in his own apartment.

After working a 13-hour shift on Sept. 6, 2018, Guyger, 31, parked on the wrong floor and claimed she entered the wrong apartment under the belief that it was her own.

But prosecutors say Guyger was distracted by steamy text messages from her lover when she entered Jean’s apartment located directly above her apartment.

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Texas Ranger Sgt. David Armstrong took the witness stand and said the former Dallas police officer did not commit a crime when she entered Jean’s apartment and shot him dead.

“I don’t believe that (the shooting) was reckless or criminally negligent based on the totality of the investigation and the circumstances and facts,” he said earlier this week.


Armstrong claimed the evidence shows Guyger had access to Jean’s apartment because his door was ajar.

“On multiple occasions, the door would close all the way and the door would also not completely close depending on the distance. And we were just letting go of the door not using any force and sometimes it would close all the way sometimes it wouldn’t, depending on the distance.”

But neighbors posted videos on social media that showed their apartment doors closing completely and locking automatically when they let go.

Armstrong also explained Guyger’s mental state when she confronted Jean in the living room of his own apartment.

“Physically your heart rate goes very, very high,” said Armstrong. “Your vision becomes narrowed, which is commonly referred to as tunnel vision. You begin to think very, very quickly and because your vision is narrowing, you begin to concentrate on what you believe your threat is … and that’s due to blood rushing to the major organs of the body because your body is saying ‘I need to do this right now,’ which is either fight or flight.”

Prosecutor Jason Hermus objected to the testimony, saying Armstrong was not qualified to speak to Guyger’s state of mind.

“What Ranger Armstrong believes is Ranger Armstrong’s opinion. His opinion and belief doesn’t help the jury. … The fact that he believes something based on evidence doesn’t mean the jury is going to believe the same thing.”

According to published reports, Armstrong also has blood on his hands. He was previously investigated for killing a man while driving twice the speed limit. Armstrong was never tried in that case.

A lawsuit stated the accident would not have occurred if Armstrong was driving the legal speed limit.

Black Twitter reacted strongly to Armstrong’s testimony in Guyger’s defense.