Reading Eagle via Getty Images

A CVS employee was arrested after police found 62 Covid-19 vaccination record cards in his car.

Zachary Honig, 21, was arrested Tuesday in East Garden City after police searched his car and found the vaccination cards.

Honig reportedly admitted selling some cards and was planning to share the rest of the cards with family and friends who don't want the mRNA vaccines.

Officers were searching the area for drug offenders when they spotted Honig sitting in his car with the engine running, WABC reported.

The officers searched his car and found a controlled substance as well as 62 vaccination cards.

Honig admitted he stole the cards from a CVS pharmacy where he worked, WABC reported.

He said he sold some of the cards to college students and he intended to share the remaining cards with family and friends, WABC reported.

Police said eight of the cards were filled out with dates and vaccine information with only the name space left blank. 54 of the cards were blank.

It is a federal crime to produce or sell vaccination cards.