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Friday, Aug. 13, will be three weeks since Kanye West and his large entourage moved into Mercedes-Benz Stadium to finish his Donda album.

The 44-year-old rap producer moved into the $1.6 billion stadium in Atlanta on July 23, a day after he held his first Donda listening party.

According to reports, Kanye pays $1 million per day for space inside a locker room with access to showers and a temporary recording studio.

Jeff Kravitz/MTV1415/FilmMagic

Last week, Stadium officials reminded Kanye that he missed the deadline to move out. They handed him an official notice to pack up his Donda studio and move on.

They politely informed Kanye that the stadium is not a hotel.

Officials say his presence is causing problems for stadium employees who must work around him, his entourage, and clouds of marijuana smoke while they prepare the stadium for sporting events.

An hour ago, an insider texted with this message: “He’s still there!!!”

I’m told stadium officials are brainstorming ways to figure out how to make Kanye leave.

One idea was to pay another stadium to take him off their hands. But so far, there are no takers.

Stadium officials are open to any suggestions.