Photo may have been deleted
Instagram/ @Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams celebrated her father’s 91st birthday at his hi-rise condo in Florida. She posted two photos of her dad, former educator Thomas Williams, on her personal Instagram account.

She captioned the images: “Daddy’s 91st birthday! Enjoying it in the most relaxing way possible.”

The post follows a video she shared on her IG page on Wednesday, in which she is seen strolling on a beach on a cloudy, windy day near her winter home in Miami.

She captioned the video: “It’s a beautiful morning!!” despite the wind whipping her hair.

“I wanna be all I can be and then get back to New York and get on down with The Wendy Williams Show,” she said in the footage filmed by her son Kevin Hunter Jr.

But fans speculated that the video was a year old because she said her mother was in Florida. However, Wendy announced her mom’s passing last year. Wendy also said she was 56 in the video.

“This video is old. She keeps referencing that she is 56 years old but she’s actually 57,” an IG user wrote.

However, Wendy’s publicist told Page Six that she “simply misspoke,” and meant her mother is buried in Florida. The rep also insisted the video was taped Wednesday morning.

A source told Page Six the weather in Miami was cloudy and windy Wednesday morning.

Wendy is still battling with Wells Fargo after the bank froze her account containing $3 million.

The bank took action after Wendy’s former financial adviser said she was mentally unfit.

But the video shows Wendy is alert and oriented and appears to be of sound mind and body.