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Jada Pinkett Smith “wishes” her husband Will Smith didn’t slap comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards.

Chris, who was presenting an Oscar award, looked at Jada’s bald head and said he couldn’t wait to see G.I. Jane 2, a reference to the 1997 movie starring Demi Moore, who shaved her head for the role.

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Will walked onstage and forcefully slapped Chris, before returning to his seat and yelling at the comedian to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth.

An insider tells Us Weekly that Will “was in the heat of the moment and it was him overreacting” to Chris’s joke about Jada’s hair loss.

“He knows that, she knows that. They’re in agreement that he overreacted,” the unnamed insider said.

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The insider tells Us Weekly that Will didn’t slap Chris to defend his wife, who allegedly suffers from alopecia.

The insider said Jada is “not a wallflower”, nor “one of these women that needs protecting”.

“He didn’t need to do what he did,” they said.

Whoopi Goldberg, who is a member of the Academy’s Governor’s board, believes Will Smith’s career will recover from the setback. However, both Netflix and Sony have shelved Will’s projects that may never see the light of day.

There is a new report that Will’s talent agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), are divided over whether to cut ties with Will since The Slap.

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According to, CAA bosses Bryan Lourd, Richard Lovett and Kevin Huvane, have a tough decision to make, despite one of their biggest stars winning the industry’s most prestigious award.

The Daily Beast reports that a furious debate took place at CAA in the aftermath of The Slap.

Lourd reportedly wanted to drop Will Smith from CAA’s roster, like they distanced themselves from former client Harvey Weinstein.

But Lovett wants to keep Will on board and ride out the storm together.

Meanwhile, CAA denies The Daily Beast‘s report.