Narcissists are known for rushing into marriage with unsuspecting partners who later find out what they’ve gotten themselves into.

Reality TV star Christina Haack, 42, reportedly tied the knot recently after dating her real estate boyfriend, Joshua Hall, for less than a year.

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Christina, whose maiden name is Haack, married “Flip or Flop” co-host Tarek El Moussa in 2009. They share two children, daughter Taylor and son Brayden. They divorced in 2016 amid cheating allegations.

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Christina married TV host Ant Anstead (pictured) in 2018 after dating less than a year. They had a son named Hudson in September 2019 and split in 2020.

She then got engaged to Joshua Hall in 2021 after dating a couple of months. They were spotted in public for the first time in July 2021 (see video).

TMZ discovered the apparent quickie nuptials after pulling Christina’s real estate license and noting she changed her surname to Hall.

Experts say narcissists marry quickly because they crave a permanent source of narcissistic supply.

Their exaggerated sense of self-importance and total lack of empathy for the suffering of others results in many failed marriages.

According to, here are the 5 red flags to watch out for after marrying a narcissist:

  • 1. Zero compassion and sensitivity
  • 2. Your spouse will define the marriage
  • 3. You’ll never win or resolve an argument
  • 4. You might never enjoy a birthday or celebration again
  • 5. You will find yourself walking on eggshells

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