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Teachers are going viral on social media for their inappropriate classroom attire in front of innocent babies.

New Jersey elementary school art teacher, known online as ToyBoxDollz, is going viral for her highly inappropriate outfits that barely cover her substantial curves.

Most of the snaps were taken inside a school, demonstrating the scandalous outfits she chooses to wear in class.

The shameless teacher regularly shares photos and videos of her shapely figure on her Instagram page. Her account @toyboxdollz has over 900,000 followers – including the parents of some of her students.

In some of the sultry snaps, she wears impossibly tight club dresses and jeans that look like they were painted on.

Some of her students are visible in some of the images.

“Looking like this around middle schoolers? Wow how does nobody find this concerning?” one user wrote.

Another person wrote:

“You can be a teacher and still be sexy, however you don’t have to post slutty photos or videos shaking your ass to be sexy.”

Despite the controversy, Dollz has many supporters, including rapper Fat Joe.

A few fathers say they don’t mind the way the art teacher dresses – as long as their children get a quality education.

In her response to the critics on social media, she suggested that the school administration looks the other way because of a teacher shortage.

She also hinted she’s doing the school a favor by teaching when she could be earning a lot more money online.

“Trying to body shame me because I am curvaceous is STILL discrimination!!! When everyone is done debating back and forth whether my curves are appropriate or inappropriate to exist on this planet earth, I need you go do me a favor, really quick research shortage, teacher shortage. Look that up. Our educational system is still recovering from these last few years of nonsense keep that in mind when you are trying to get someone out of their job.”