Photo may have been deleted
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An actress who starred in the Lion King musical is accused of sexually harassing male actors and creating a “hostile” work environment.

Actress and director Ameena Kaplan, who appeared in Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, allegedly asked actors to meet her after work.

Actor William James Jr. claims he was fired on his first day of paternity leave.

Photo may have been deleted

James said Kaplan allegedly asked him to meet her after work for drinks, and when he refused, she allegedly threatened to blackball him.

James is accusing Disney and Marvel of violating the New York state and City Human Rights Laws. He also alleged that Kaplan sexually harassed him and other male actors.

He filed a lawsuit after Actors Equity union, which represents Broadway and national tour performers, filed a grievance on his behalf and investigated the incident, according to

The lawsuit claims Disney “did not care” after Actors Equity corroborated his sexual harassment allegations.

James Jr. claims he was told to “correct” his behavior and try to get along with Kaplan.

His lawsuit seeks an unspecified amount for the “mental, emotional and physical injury” he allegedly suffered.