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Retired NBA player Charles Barkley reacted to the mass shooting at a gay bar that left 5 people dead in Colorado Springs on Saturday.

A 22-year-old white man was taken into custody and charged with murder and a hate crime in the shooting rampage that also wounded 25 people.

In an interview with CNN on Monday, Barkley seemed to blame Black people for the mass shooting in Colorado.

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“And one thing that’s always disappointed me, Black people treat gay people — we are the worst when it comes to treating gay people,” he said. “And that’s one thing growing up, it really always bothers me.”

He continued, “And I want to reach out to you and all my gay friends, all my transgender friends, and tell you, man, I got nothing but love and respect for you. I want you to be you.”

Then Barkley compared the Black experience to being gay.

“You get mistreated and it’s really unfortunate and sad and stupid to be honest with you.”

The Twitter user who uploaded the video wrote:

“Charles Barkley (to no surprise) just got on #CNN and LIED talking about how Black people are the main ones to treat members of the LGBTQ community with the most hate. How many biscuits does he need?”