Photo may have been deleted
Memphis PD

Memphis police arrested a woman who threatened to post nude photos of her ex-girlfriend if the woman didn’t pay her $16,000.

Police say 30-year-old Ashley Harper was upset over the breakup of her relationship with a married woman, Yahoo News reports. There was already a restraining order against Harper when she was arrested Wednesday and charged with extortion and unlawful exposure.

The victim admitted she had an affair with Harper. After ending the affair, she told Harper she just wanted to be friends, according to the Memphis Police Department.

But Harper didn’t take the breakup well. She allegedly threatened to post nude photos that the woman had sent her.

According to Harper’s arrest affidavit, the victim told police that Harper demanded $16,000 from her and her husband or else she would post the nude photos on social media.

Harper also threatened to physically harm the victim if she didn’t pay up. The woman told police she provided evidence of Harper’s harassment to the court which granted a protective order.

The woman showed police a screenshot of a text message from Harper demanding $16,000.

Harper was arraigned on Friday, Nov. 18.