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Rapper Latto denied a report that she completed a diversion program after a loaded handgun arrest.

The 24-year-old “Big Energy” rapper took to Twitter and denied enrolling in a year-long diversion program following an arrest at LAX for carrying a loaded handgun in 2021.


On Wednesday, Latto took to Instagram Live to deny claims that she rapped about her arrest to portray herself as a female gangsta.

“I’m not gangsta. I never claimed to be gangsta! I’m not gangsta, baby. I get money. The f*ck? I got a n-gga who suck these toes every night, eat this a*s from the back. I cook, I’m a whole housewife. I’m not no gangsta. The f*ck?”

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Latto was probably referring to her rumored boyfriend, rapper 21 Savage, pictured at an Atlanta Hawks game with his sons. He also has a daughter.

Latto has repeatedly denied dating 21 Savage — and for good reason: he’s married to another woman.

21, who was born in London, reportedly married the American citizen to stay in the country after immigration officials threatened to deport him.

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Latto continued: “I got million dollar deals, like plural. Yeah, multiple million dollar deals on the table. I’m not tryna push no f*cking gangsta image [sic].”

“Matter of fact, we kept that sh*t under wraps. On my momma, this sh*t happened over a year ago! I mentioned it in a song; I freestyled that verse, and it slipped out my mouth. They were like, ‘Oh, that’s hard. Keep it.’ And I just left it in there.”

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