Variety via Getty Images

Tyrese has an important message for the fellas: pay attention to your woman’s feet! Tyrese dished the playful advice while leaving Ludacris’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles last week.


The singer/actor escorted his longtime girlfriend Zelie Timothy to the ceremony. Afterwards, the couple got into a sleek Rolls Royce convertible. Tyrese helped Zelie remove her heels and slip on comfortable flats.


Before departing, Tyrese dispensed advice for a long-lasting relationship: “Always think about the woman’s feet,” he said. “See y’all focused on the wrong thing. Y’all tryna feed them. Y’all gotta think about the feet baby!”

Tyrese may be a relationship expert but he’s not mechanically inclined. He struggled to put the Rolls Royce’s top down before driving away.

Watch the video below.