Photo may have been deleted

Kim Kardashian mocked her sister Kendall Jenner by wearing a T-shirt featuring Kendall’s past NBA lovers.

Kendall is pictured on the front of the T-shirt surrounded by five NBA stars who dated her in the past. “Kendall Starting Five” is printed on the front of the shirt.

The “starting five” are: Jordan Clarkson (Utah Jazz), Blake Griffin (Boston Celtics), Kyle Kuzma (Washington Wizards), Ben Simmons (Brooklyn Nets), and Kendall’s most recent ex Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns.

All 5 NBA players are mixed-race or biracial.

The video was posted on Kim and North West’s joint TikTok account. Mom and daughter have 16.1 million followers on TikTok.

Photo may have been deleted

A makeup-free Kim didn’t mention the shirt as she styled North’s hair in the video.

Yahoo! News suggested that Kim was “trolling” Kendall by portraying her as an NBA groupie.

Kim’s fans were surprised that she wore a T-shirt mocking Kendall as an NBA trampoline.

One TikToker asked Kim, “Have you no shame?”


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