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A federal judge in Maryland has ruled parents don’t have the option to remove their children from elementary schools’ LGBT+ curriculum.

A group of Muslim parents filed a lawsuit to reinstate a MCPS policy that would allow them to opt their children out of reading LGBT+ books, Fox News reports.

The school district initially alerted parents when LGBT+ books would be read in class and permitted parents to opt their kids out of the LGBT+ curriculum.

But in March, the district changed its policy and announced that parents would no longer have that right, according to Fox News.

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Parents protested outside the MCPS Board of Education on July 20 in Montgomery County.

They argued the LGBT+ content was a form of “indoctrination” that violated their religious beliefs.

But Judge Deborah L. Boardman, a Biden appointee, ruled that parents don’t have the “fundamental right” to opt their children out of reading books with LGBT+ characters.

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The judge said parents don’t have the right to “direct their children’s upbringing by opting out of a public-school curriculum that conflicts with their religious views”.

Judge Boardman also refused to grant an “injunction that requires the Board to provide advance notice and opt-outs from instruction involving the storybooks and family life and human sexuality.”

Boardman said the parents are not likely to succeed in an appeal.

“The plaintiffs’ request for a preliminary injunction pending appeal is denied,” she stated.