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YouTube relationship Guru Kendra G went left on a caller who insisted all heterosexual women have lesbian tendencies.

“Tomoko” is a 45-year-old divorcee and event coordinator in California who was married to a preacher and has three grown children.

Tomoko told Kendra she gave up on men and is dating women exclusively.

After picking up on Tomoko’s flirtatious vibes, Kendra G informed her that she is straight.

“How do you know you don’t date women?” Tomoko asked her.

“Oh, I’m very clear I don’t date women,” Kendra G responded. “It’s certain, it’s not even hard to figure out. I ain’t never date a woman, I ain’t never desired to date a woman. I really enjoy men.”

Tomoko kept pushing Kendra to come out of her invisible closet.

“How do you know that you aren’t into women if you haven’t been with me?” Tomoko asked.

Tomoko told Kendra she only dates “straight” women. But Kendra countered that those women were not straight.

Kendra’s YouTube followers were offended for her. They praised Kendra for defending herself and for taking pride in her heterosexuality.

One commenter wrote:

“As a lesbian myself, she was wrong. She said the same thing lesbians hate to hear from men: ‘you don’t know unless you try it’. Respect people lifestyles. Everyone isn’t gay. The same way you knew you were gay at 5, someone can know they are straight.”

Another person commented:

“She clearly said to Kendra, ‘…but, you’ve never been on a date with me.’ Insinuating she possesses some superpower to turn straight women into lesbians. I forgot she’s not a lesbian. These folks kill me by redefining biology and sexuality for everyone.”

Watch the video below.