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Atlanta rapper Ralo was recently released from prison after serving a multi-year sentence for drug trafficking.

The “Can’t Lie” rapper celebrated his homecoming with family and friends, including rapper Lil Baby who handed Ralo $50,000 cash in one video last week.

Prior to his arrest in 2016, Ralo was known for flashing up to $1 million in cash on social media.

However, his probation officer has banned his access on all social media platforms.

The aspiring rapper’s fans won’t be able to see him brag about his money, luxury cars, and jewelry in social media videos.

“We thought that we would be able to welcome Ralo home in peace. But he has been restricted from all social media platforms until he completes his program,” an Instagram post on his official account reads.

Ralo recently explained why he often posed with hundreds of thousands of dollars in photos.

He explained that he posts stacks of cash because “I like for people to see it… all my fans say it’s motivation.”

Ralo, 32, was the only high net worth rapper still living in the hood with welfare recipients for neighbors. He boasted about owning a 26-unit apartment building where he lived on Atlanta’s south side.

“They keep on asking me why the f–k I’m still in the hood, and I got all that goddamn money,” he said in an Instagram video.

“I’m not in the hood ’cause I can’t get out the hood. I’m in the hood, ’cause this where I want to be at. This shit needs help. Them suburb motherf—ers, they don’t need help. We’ve been taken away from the community all our lives … We’ve been selling dope in this motherfucker and then go get us a spot way on the other side of town and just say ‘fuck what’s going on around here.'”

Ralo was praised for charging affordable rent to low-income residents in his apartment building.

However, federal agents explained that Ralo’s apartment building in the hood was a multi-unit trap house.

Police say the aspiring rapper charged low rent as long as the residents allowed him to stash his “work” inside their apartments.

He was observed moving large quantities of drugs and cash between apartments after he was tipped off about a raid on an apartment.

Ralo, real name Terrell Davis, was accused of transporting kilos of drugs in and out of Georgia on private jets.

He was arrested on April 15, 2018 at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport, where police served a search warrant on a jet and found packages of marijuana with a street value of $2 million.

Ralo was the leader of a gang called “Famerica” based in Atlanta. His independent record label was also called Famerica.

An arrest affidavit stated that Famerica gang members sold “drugs and firearms and engage in other traditional gang activities” at the apartment complex.

The affidavit was unsealed after federal agents raided Ralo’s heavily fortified apartment complex.