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Social media influencer Dr. Umar Johnson says emotionally damaged women are always xesually promiscuous.

Dr. Umar made the statements during a guest appearance on the “Highly Initiated” podcast on January 14.

“If you are traumatized, if you are emotionally damaged; you are promiscuous,” he said. “Emotionally traumatized people require constant validation from others.”

Dr. Umar said children need both parents to develop emotionally and psychologically into adults. The father is the most important parent in a child’s life.

“If a woman’s father loved her she won’t have trouble loving a man,” Dr. Umar explained.

He said women who had their fathers in their lives “operate in the dating game completely different” from women who didn’t.

According to Dr. Umar, women who didn’t have their fathers in their lives have trust issues and lack confidence in the dating game.

Watch the video below.