British songstress Rita Ora is on fiyah right now! Since being introduced to the U.S. market by her mentor Jay Z, people can't stop talking about how she is set to replace Rihanna as Urban/Pop music's "IT" girl. Rita hopped on British rapper Tinie Tempah's new single "R.I.P." Fittingly, Rita sings R.I.P. to another girl's career. "Her days are OVER!," Rita sings.

"R.I.P." was written by Young Money rapper Drake and produced by dubstep kings Chase and Status. The tracks follows the release of Rita's debut single, "Party And Bullsh*t," off her upcoming album. Rita's new album is shaping up to be a classic, with contributions from Drake and big time producers, The Dream, Tricky Stewart, Polow Da Don, Ne-Yo, Rico Love and Stargate!

What do you think of Rita's new single?


Pop icon Madonna is said to be "furious" at singer M.I.A. for stealing the show during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime performance. Madonna put on an elaborate halftime show for the ages, complete with gladiators and a golden throne. But it was M.I.A.'s middle finger flip everyone talked about for days afterwards.

Madonna called into the 'On Air With Ryan Seacrest' show this morning. When she was asked about the controversial hand gesture by M.I.A., Madonna went IN. The superstar called M.I.A.'s stunt "stupid", "childish", and "a juvenile thing to do." She added that M.I.A. was "irrelevant." Madonna has a right to be heated after all that hard work she put in. But the one who should really be mad is Nicki Minaj. Her halftime contribution hasn't been mentioned at all in the press.


Last month, told you exclusively that Monica would be releasing her single with Brandy today! V-103 just premiered the new single titled "It All Belongs To Me". The mid tempo single is the first time the two stars have recorded together since "The Boy Is Mine" 14 years ago.

"It All Belongs To Me" is the first single off Monica's upcoming studio album titled New Life, available April 10th and Brandy's forthcoming, yet-to-be titled album set for release this Spring, according to RCA Records publicity dept.


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A snippet of Madonna's next single titled "Give Me All Your Luvin" leaked earlier today. The track features rhymes by cartoon rapper Nicki Minaj, and M.I.A. Nicki sounds like a wounded animal at the end of the 1:30 snippet. How sad is it that Madonna is 53 and still trying to keep up with the kids?



How often do you hear about a police department editing a 911 emergency call audio before releasing a copy of the audio to the media? Almost never -- unless the subject of the call is a well-known celebrity.

According to celebrity gossip site, the LA police edited -- or redacted -- certain portions of the recording of that emergency 911 call made from actress Demi Moore's house the night she was stricken with seizures.

TMZ clearly indicates that portions of the redacted audio pertained to any mention of drugs that Moore may have ingested or consumed that night.

Being a celebrity has its benefits. If that were you or I, the embarrassing tape would have been released unedited.

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Earlier this week, paparazzi photos of troubled singers Rihanna, 23, and Chris Brow, 22, leaving the same nightclub fueled rumors that they were seeing each other. But nothing could be further from the truth. As we told you in this post, Rihanna and Brown, who was accompanied by his girlfriend KT, did not speak to each other.

PEOPLE confirms that Rihanna and Brown never bumped into each other that night (or any night for that matter).

Well, that could have been awkward: Chris Brown and Rihanna were both partying at L.A. nightspot Greystone Manor Supperclub, but the exes stuck to separate sides of the venue... According to the clubgoer, the exes never interacted.

According to my credible source, the fact that Brown chose Karaoke over Rihanna is "messing with her mind."

Rihanna is a classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder; she thinks she's entitled to have whomever or whatever she wants, she has little empathy for others, and she is very manipulative in relationships. Which explains why men (and women) avoid her like the plague.

Meanwhile, Brown continues to pollute the radio airwaves with his techno junk music. His latest musical offering is something called "Turn Up The Music". Click below to listen.


That Monica Brown is NOT recording a song with stripper-turned-singer Amber Rose. Mo's producer Rico Love, who produced half of Monica's much-anticipated album, New Life, is outraged that a certain blog "misrepresented" his hard work based on a photo.

"Monica was in the studio last night when La La [Anthony] stopped by and they took pictures," Rico explained.

"[Amber] was just passing by and they took a picture together," he said of Mo and Amber, who released her first single, "Fame" last week.

"They are not recording no song together!" said Rico via phone from his seat at Madison Square Garden where Mo's husband, Shannon Brown, and the Phoenix Suns are taking on Carmelo Anthony and the NY Knicks.

"I'm losing my patience with this sh*t," said Rico as he tried to be heard above the roar of the crowd in the arena.

Rico continued: "The only duets that Mo has is with Brandy, which is due out Feb. 6," he said. "There are no duets with Monica and any other females, period!" He also revealed that the music video is slated to shoot next week.

"I know how sensitive these chicks can get, but we take our artistry very seriously," said the producer who has worked with Usher, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and others.

"We're not trying to act nasty toward anybody. But that was totally wrong information to put out based on a picture that was taken in passing."

Monica's album, New Life, is scheduled for a March 26 release.

VH1's 'Mob Wives' is a huge hit, mostly due to the surgically altered permanent pout of Angela “Big Ang” Raiola. Whether she's really a biological female is up for debate. But Big Ang tells VH1 what she wants in her ideal Goodfella -- even if he is dead.

VH1: We’ve all seen the clip of you talking about finding a nice wise guy to take care of you. If you could create your dream wise guy, who’s your ideal man? What qualities does he have?

Big Ang: Oh, John Gotti. I thought he was the most handsomest, classiest, and I personally knew him. That’s…the kinda guy I like. [Laughs] That’s definitely the guy. He was so handsome, and the way he used to carry himself and walk into places, I’d be like “Hi, John!!” I knew him, and that’s the kind of guy I’m talking about. I knew John before he became who he was and he was handsome from the day he was…I used to work in a big wise guy bar in Brooklyn called The Nineteenth Hole and he used to come, and he wasn’t even “John Gotti” like he was when he died, he was nobody at the time. Matter of fact, I think he had just come home from jail, he wasn’t even a wise guy then. He was just so handsome, I used to stare at him all the time. READ MORE

Italian rapper G Fella paid homage to the Mob Wives with a new track he threw together using a sample from Rock Mafia‘s hit song “The Big Big Bang".

Listen to "Mob Wives Rap" after the break!

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If you waited all morning to hear the new Amber Rose single "Fame" you didn't miss anything. The track is every bit as boring as you thought it would be. Amber's carousel ride, Wiz Khalifa, jumps on the track with a forgettable verse. The single premiered on Perez Hilton's blog this morning.

Here's what the former stripper had to say about her first foray into the world of music:

I’m so excited to release my first song… It’s CRAZY! Working with Wiz is a dream come true; I am fortunate to have his support.

This is a very personal song to me that I wanted to record for my fans. I want people to see the world from my eyes, you know, from BEHIND MY SHADES! It’s my interpretation of what it means to be “FAMOUS,” which is not something superficial but instead being self-confident and happy with who you are.

You can feel famous everyday if you believe in yourself! Source


The baby is only 2 days old and already aging rapper Jay Z has featured the infant on this track entitled "Glory". Even though he samples the late great Curtis Mayfield, this track doesn't even compare to Stevie Wonder's classic hit, "Isn't She Lovely", which also featured Wonder's newborn daughter, Aisha - and which is obviously the inspiration for this song.

Jay Z shamefully tugs at the heart strings by claiming Beyonce miscarried his seed.

    You don’t yet know what swag is, but you was made in Paris, and Momma woke up the next day and shot her album package.
    Last time, the miscarriage was so tragic. We was afraid you’d disappear but nah, Baby you magic!
    So there you have it, shit happens, just make sure the plane you on is bigger than your carry-on baggage.
[audio:Jay Z_Glory.mp3]

Source: Jay Z

This post, originally written on Jan. 9, 2012 @ 2:59p.m., was edited to reflect the following corrections: the Empire State Building was awash in blue lights last weekend to celebrate the NY Giants victory over Atlanta in the NFC playoffs.