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Yesterday, I told you about a Los Angeles stylist who accused Usher Raymond of shoplifting. Now more stories about Usher's sticky fingers have surfaced online.

On Monday, April 12, Brian Jimenez tweeted: "When I used to work retail, usher walked in and tried on a $2,000 jacket. He chopped it up for a bit while still having it on. Then this dude dabs me up and walks out with the jacket."

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Now another Twitter user claims Usher was banned from the New York boutique where she worked for walking out without paying for merchandise.

Usher apparently perfected his boosting game. He would try on merchandise and then simply "forget" he had it on.

A Twitter user wrote: "Usher was banned from my store for this same sh*t."

She added:

"I feel like I need to clarify this isn’t a current employer, this was 10 years ago in Soho when I worked at Atrium. He was banned and so was his ex-wife. He would just steal, she would just try to return sh*t he clearly wore covered in make up."

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted

Photo may have been deleted

Apparently, boosting is common among celebrities. Boutiques normally eat the loss -- especially if the celebrity spends thousands of dollars in the store in previous or future visits.


Police in Sussex, England say a gang of sophisticated thieves posed as mannequins for hours until the Beales clothing store closed for the night. Then they leisurely stole £10,000 ($12,600 USD) worth of designer clothing and boldly walked out of the store.

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woman caught boosting

A Florida woman was caught boosting $700 worth of handbags -- while wearing a 'Won't Be Caught' t-shirt.

Shazonya Williams and her accomplice Lexus Perry allegedly shoplifted several handbags from a Florida Marshalls Department store on August 30. The unlucky pair grabbed several handbags off a display rack and fled the store.

Their daring heist was caught on the store's surveillance video.

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