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Lakeyria Doughty, star of HBO's dirt bike culture film Charm City Kings, is charged with murdering her girlfriend.

Doughty, 26, is charged with first- and second-degree murder, misdemeanor and felony assault and possession of a deadly weapon in the stabbing death of Tiffany Wilson, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore police responding to a 911 call around 4:15 p.m. Friday, found Wilson unresponsive with stab wounds to the chest. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

"It was a domestic situation where cooler heads didn’t prevail," police spokesman Donny Moses told the Sun.

Doughty is best known as "Wheelie Queen" in the coming-of-age documentary on the dirt bike culture in Baltimore.

The film, which premiered in October on HBO MAX, is an adaptation of Lofty Nathan's documentary "12 O'Clock Boys" starring Meek Mill and Jahi Di'Allo Winston.

Wilson's death is the first homicide of 2021 in Baltimore. Doughty faces life in prison if convicted on all charges.


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Shanta Myers Shanice Myers Brandi Mells

One of the family members of the quadruple murder victims in Troy, NY, told The Daily Beast that victim Brandi Mells, 22, was friends with Justin C. Mann, 24, who is charged with slaughtering her and her girlfriend's family.

Police say Mells, who was born with dwarfism was targeted by the killers. Mells, pictured above with girlfriend Shanta Myers, 36, was also the target of school bullies due to her small stature.

Mann, of Schenectady, and his accomplice James W. White, 38, were arrested Friday night at Mann's Schenectady residence and arraigned Saturday morning in Troy City Court. They were both charged with one count of first-degree murder and 4 counts of second-degree murder in the deaths of Mells, Myers, 36, and Myers's children Jeremiah, 11, and Shanice, 5.

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Troy murder victims

Isaiah Smith, whose mother and siblings were murdered in a quadruple homicide in upstate NY, fears the killer will come after him next.

Isaiah, 15, who lost his mother Shanta Myers, 36, his brother Jeremiah, 11, and sister, Shanise, 5, in a mass murder that shocked veteran officers, fears for his safety and is even "scared to go to the corner store".

The property manager discovered the bodies around 12:50 p.m. Tuesday and called police.

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Troy murder victims

Police in Troy, NY have identified the four victims, 2 women and 2 children, found dead in the basement of an apartment house on Tuesday.

The victims were identified as (from top left) 22-year-old Brandi Mells and her lesbian partner, 36-year-old Shanta Myers, mother of 5-year-old Shanise Myers and 11-year-old Jeremiah Myers.

Police sources tell the NY Post the victims' throats were slashed and their hands were bound behind their backs.

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IV drug user

Police are reopening the investigation of a gay sex worker who was found dead in the home of a wealthy Democratic donor. Gemmel Moore, 26, was found dead on July 27 in the home of Edward Buck, 62, a wealthy donor to the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and California Governor Jerry Brown.

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