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YouTube vlogger Tasha K asked a federal judge to stop rapper Cardi B from garnishing her bank accounts.

Tasha K, real name LaTasha Transrina Kebe, is in Africa on an extended vacation with her husband.

On March 19, 2019, Cardi B filed a personal injury lawsuit for slander and defamation against Tasha, whom she claims made false statements about her in YouTube videos.

The case was filed in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Georgia.

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In January, Cardi B was awarded $1,025,000 for her pain and suffering, $1,000,000 in punitive damages, $500,000 in punitive damages, and $1,338,753.47 for legal expenses.

Tasha filed a motion to appeal the award, but her motion was denied. The YouTuber filed a second appeal with the 11th Circuit Court, which is currently pending.

On Sept. 1, Cardi B, real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, filed an application for a writ to garnish Tasha's bank accounts in Atlanta.

On Sept. 2, Tasha's attorney filed a motion to stay the garnishment.

Cardi's legal team filed an answer to the motion the same day.

On Sept. 23, Tasha, who is apparently still on vacation in Africa, posted an Instagram photo of herself laughing in front of the Bank of Africa, where she apparently transferred her funds.

She captioned the post: "G.O.A.L.S I wanna be like her when I grow up daddy..."

In another Instagram post from Uganda, Tasha taunted Cardi B, writing:

"Welp, #YouTube video up in 5 minutes. Since your fav keeps BEGGING for these little coins, ask her how she wants the 4 million? In Guinea Francs or Ugandan Shillings?"

Tasha previously denied rumors that she moved to Africa to avoid paying the $4 million judgment.

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Relax fellas, TLC singer Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas is not dating actor Matthew Lawrence.

Rumors swirled that the two were dating after they were spotted vacationing together in Hawaii.

In photos obtained by TMZ, the pair was spotted frolicking in the surf on a Waikiki beach on Monday, Aug. 8.

A representative for the 51-year-old "CrazySexyCool" singer denied the rumors in a statement on Thursday.

"TLC had a show in Hawaii," the rep told E! News. "They've been touring all summer and are heading to Australia soon... Matthew and Chilli are friends and were taking a moment to get some sun after the show. They weren't by themselves there was a group with them."

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The report comes six months after Dancing with the Star's veteran dancer Cheryl Burke, 38, filed for divorce from Lawrence, 42, after three years of marriage.

The couple tied the knot on May 23, 2019, after dating since 2017. They were first introduced by Matthew's brother, Joey Lawrence (Gimme a Break!), when he was a guest on DWTS in 2006.

Matthew starred with his brothers Andy, 34, and Joey, 46, on the series "Brotherly Love" and he portrayed the character Jack Hunter on ABC's "Boy Meets World."


Power couple Magic and Cookie Johnson were spotted leaving Club 55 in Saint Tropez with friends on Tuesday.


Magic and Cookie continue their European holiday after vacationing with actor Samuel L. Jackson in the sunny Greek Islands aboard a rented $1.1 million-a-week yacht.

Jackson joined the fun-loving couple and friends for a wild party on the yacht.

The couple documented their Greek vacation on their social media pages. Magic captioned one photo: "Cookie and I at the famous Church of Three Bells of Fira in the beautiful city Santorini! Behind us you can see a volcano."


On Tuesday, Magic and Cookie popped up in Saint-Tropez in the south of France.


They were spotted with friends on a smaller boat heading to Club 55.


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Alicia Keys continues her international Alicia + Keys World Tour in Venice, Italy. The "Fallin'" singer and her husband Swizz Beatz (pink shirt) were seen on vacation in Venice with their children, (L-R): Genesis, Egypt, Nicole, and Kaseem Jr. (far right) on Thursday.

The family was accompanied by a small army of nannies and bodyguards.

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Alicia, 41, looked radiant and happy while taking in the sights in a stunning Farm Rio dress! The crew was spotted at Venice airport where they then took a water taxi and enjoyed dinner at the DA IVO.

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Alicia and her youngest son, Genesis, blew kisses on the boat ride.

Alicia and Swizz were married in 2010 under very stressful circumstances. They share two sons together.

Swizz has 5 children by 4 women.

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He shares 14-year-old Nicole (left) with UK-based singer Jahna Sabastian, and Kaseem Dean Jr., 15, with singer Mashonda Tifrere.

Swizz also shares 24-year-old son Nasir Dior Dean (not pictured) with Nichole Levy.

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Alicia is best known for her album The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003), which sold 8 million copies worldwide and spawned the singles "You Don't Know My Name", "If I Ain't Got You", and "Diary."

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When Drake was spotted yachting with a mystery woman in St. Tropez, Internet sleuths leaped into action to identify her.

According to Page Six, Drake's yacht girl is model and YouTube influencer Suede Brooks, 21. The pair looked booed up while on vacation in the French Riviera on Tuesday.

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The rapper and YouTuber were spotted heading to Club 55 for lunch.

Drake, 35, wore an Off-White by Mercedes-Benz T-shirt that retails for about $530, white shorts, white sneakers and a navy blue bandana.

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Suede dressed casually in a light blue swimsuit, and an oversized button-down blouse. She accessorized with a Chanel handbag.

It has not been confirmed that the two are a romantic item, but body language doesn't lie.

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Reps for both Drake and Suede did not return Page Six's calls for comment.

However, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Suede definitely has Drake's nose open.

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"They're having fun together," the insider said, adding that they have been "yacht hopping” for a few days. “They are sweet, whispering in each other's ears and laughing."

The couple went viral on social media Tuesday, as Drake fans expressed their disappointment in his choices in women.


Alicia and husband Swizz Beatz explored the Monaco mainland with their kids ahead of her performance at "Bal de la Croix Rouge" in Monaco.


The power couple, with their son, Egypt, and Swizz's daughter, Nicole, were spotted out shopping with their security team on Saturday, July 16.


Alicia doesn't take any chances, with so many distractions online and opportunities for minors to get into trouble. She takes them with her wherever she goes.


Alicia is currently on an international world tour.

The North America leg of her Alicia + Keys World Tour kicks off ahead of the release of Keys II, the deluxe edition of her 2021 double-sided album.

Via Yahoo! News -- Slated for release on August 12, the project will include both the "Originals" and the "Unlocked" versions of the initial LP and will add on new tunes like "Trillions" featuring Brent Faiyaz, "Stay" featuring Lucky Daye, and the remix for "In Common," a previously released song from her 2016 LP, Here.


Clutch your pearls, ladies: Drake is off the market. Hip-Hop's most eligible bachelor was spotted on board a yacht with a mystery woman in Saint-Tropez on Tuesday.

The Canadian rapper and the mystery woman arrived for lunch at Club 55 while vacationing in the French Riviera.


Earlier I told you that actor Jay Ellis turned off the comments under his wedding photos on Instagram, to avoid criticism about his interracial marriage to Nina Senicar.


Already the hate is spilling all over Drake's social media timelines. Black women are outraged that eligible men are dating outside their race.

Bishop TD Jakes explained why in a Father's Day sermon.

He said:

"We are raising up women to be men! And you are not applauded for your femininity. You are applauded in the contemporary society by how tough, rough, nasty, mean, aggressive, hateful, possessive you are. And you're climbing the corporate ladder, but we are losing our families!"

Watch the video below.

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Character actor Danny Glover was spotted enjoying the surf with his young lover Regina Murray in Sardinas, Italy on Monday.

Glover, 75, confirmed he was back on the market after the photos went viral online.

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Glover revealed he split from his second wife Eliane Cavalleiro after he was snapped frolicking in the sea with his mistress, realtor Regina Murray, 35.

Glover is best known for his starring roles in the Lethal Weapon movie franchise alongside Mel Gibson.

He also played leading roles in the films Witness, Saw, Predator 2 and Angels in the Outfield.

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Fans expressed concern for the senior citizen who looked frail as Murray held his hand to steady him. Fans are worried that he may be over-exerting himself.

He suffered from epileptic seizures as a young man.

Just last month, relationship guru Kevin Samuels, 55, suffered a cardiac arrest after spending the night with a nurse in her 20s.

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Mary J. Blige is single and childless by choice. The 51-year-old singer & actress recently revealed why she decided not to bring any children into the world.

Blige said she thought about it, but seeing mothers struggling with their own kids made her appreciate the single life more.

"I'm not there yet, so I'm good! Listen, I have nieces and nephews forever and I'm always watching how people are scrambling for babysitters," she said in an interview with E!'s Daily Pop. "I don't want to go through that," she laughed.

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She continued: "I like my freedom to go and move and do what I want to do. I don't want to tend to someone all the time. I don't think it's gonna happen."

Blige accepted her role as stepmother while married to ex-husband Kendu Isaacs.

The "No More Drama" singer said the title for her hit R&B song "Good Morning Gorgeous" came from "some real heavy, trying to dig myself out of some terrible, horrible place."

To lift herself out of that space, she tells herself "Good morning gorgeous, good morning beautiful, good morning sexy, good morning... whatever it is!"

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A woman who asked TikTok to help her find a handsome guy who flirted with her was heartbroken to learn he's already taken.

Blogger and model Mica Renee was disappointed that the handsome man who flirted with her while on vacation in Miami is married with four kids.

Mica got the tea from the horse's mouth: his long-suffering wife.

The blogger was smitten with the man she briefly flirted with in Miami. So she shared a video of the guy, explaining that she forgot to save his phone number and was desperate to see him again.

"TikTok help me find this man I met in Miami. He walked right into the ocean to introduce himself to me. I was lit when he gave me his number. Hopefully he ain't married... I was in Miami, looking all good in the ocean, and my friend was taking pics of me. He came up to me and he introduced himself. My friend thought he was bold, so she kept recording."

The video was viewed more than 5 million times. TikTok sleuths immediately went to work and found the man — who goes by "AJ" on TikTok.

Among the people who reached out to Mica was AJ's wife, who let her know she and AJ were somewhat happily married with four children.

AJ commented that Mica was doing way too much and should have known that a handsome guy like himself would be taken.

"I wasn't gonna comment to anything, honestly, because I know the truth [and] everything that happened. But little miss cheater is really trying to run off this clout that she got from completely capping. It's time for the truth."

He said they met on the beach in August 2021 and spoke for 7 minutes tops.

"The video you made, you definitely edited it and sliced it in a good way to depict whatever the hell you [are] trying to prove or say. I was already enjoying myself in the ocean, basking in God's blessings upon me as the sun shined upon my bald head, then you wobbled your a** down to the water."

Watch the video below.

@micarenee Reply to @micarenee #fyp #reply ? original sound - Mica Renee

@latishawalton #duet with @micarenee ? original sound - Mica Renee

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Meek Mill says he no longer loans expensive cars to his broke friends. The 34-year-old Philly native took to Twitter to explain why he stopped loaning out cars.

"I been letting people borrow foreign cars my whole adult life ... now I don't pass cars out to people not willing to pay if they mess it up!"

This is probably why Meek surrounds himself with billionaires like Patriots owner Robert Kraft and 76ers partner Michael Rubin.

The rapper spent the Christmas holidays on Rubin's mega yacht in St. Barts.

He shared Instagram photos that showed him partying on the yacht with rapper Lil Baby, and others. He also posted a video clip of himself rapping his tune "Love Money" as he was shuttled out to the yacht.

Meek and Rubin are partners in Reform Alliance with Jay-Z and others, which recently hosted 26 kids for a VIP experience at a 76ers game.

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Two-time Emmy nominee Kevin Hart, his wife, Eniko Parrish-Hart, and his four children went skiing while on holiday in Aspen, Colorado this week.


Kevin bundled up in a $2,060 Moncler 'Mazod Short Down Jacket' while skiing with his wife and four children: Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo and Kaori.


The pint-sized comedian also rode a snowmobile with his four-year-old son Kenzo Kash on his lap.


Eniko, 37, shared an Instagram Story video of herself and Kevin preparing to ride their snowmobiles with a big group.

Eniko later changed into a green 'Aspen' knit sweater for a dinner date at a local restaurant with Kevin, who dressed in a mustard-colored beanie and sweater.


On Monday Kevin stripped down to his shorts and went for a morning run in snowy Aspen. Temps hovered around 20 °F but it looks like Kevin wasn't feeling it.

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Last week, music producer and reality star Stevie J filed for divorce from singer Faith Evans, his wife of three years.

Is he thinking it's cheaper to keep her?

Over the weekend Faith shared pictures of her and Stevie J doing cartwheels on a sandy beach. She then invited nosy fans to stay out her business.

Some fans speculated that the photos are old and that she's reminiscing on the good old days. Court records show Stevie has not withdrawn his divorce action.

Is Faith desperately clinging to a cheating man who no longer wants her?

Both are 48 years old and not getting any younger.

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Tip "T.I." Harris and Tameka "Tiny" Harris celebrated their 20th anniversary in romantic Italy over the weekend.

T.I. married Tameka in 2010 after dating for a decade. The couple share seven children.

The 40-year-old rapper shared a photo gallery on Instagram featuring photos from their boat ride on a canal in Venice, Italy.

He captioned the gallery:

"Photo Dump. Happy 11th Anniversary Boss Lady @majorgirl I love you dearly & I thank God for you!! We been through it ALL & stayed creating memories the whole time. That's how we look up & it's 20 yrs later... well here's to 20 more 20s...all my love all my life. #MrandMrsH."

Tiny recently celebrated her 46th birthday with a private party attended by family and close friends in Atlanta.

T.I. and Tiny fell from grace after a former friend, Sabrina Peterson, accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head during a hated dispute years ago. Then dozens of women messaged Sabrina on Instagram and Twitter to say T.I. and Tiny drugged and sexually abused them.
READ ALSO: T.I. laughs off Sabrina Peterson’s request for an apology

The couple vigorously denied the allegations against them.

T.I. was in the news recently after he defended fellow rapper, DaBaby, who made anti-HIV comments during a concert at Rolling Loud in Miami.

In an Instagram live video, T.I. expressed his frustration with the LGBT+ community for attacking DaBaby's artistic expression onstage.

T.I. stressed that he was once an ally of the LGBT+ community who are now "bullying" him and DaBaby for practicing their freedom of speech.

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Magic Johnson enjoyed a family holiday with son EJ Johnson and wife Cookie Johnson while sightseeing in Forte dei Marmi, Italy. The NBA legend and family enjoyed a boat ride on the Italian waters.

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EJ Johnson enjoyed thhe sights with his family and a friend in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.


Kevin Hart's wife Eniko Parrish soaked up the sun in a white two-piece during a family getaway in Cabo. Eniko was seen holding her second child, daughter Kaori Mai Hart.


The mom-of-two enjoyed wading in the surf while Kevin's son, Hendrix Hart played in the sand at the beach last week.