Victoria Secret model and socialite, Selita Ebanks isn't crying in her coffee since breaking up with actor Nick Cannon. She's too classy to admit she laughed her arse off after hearing Nick married Mariah Carey a mere two months after meeting her: "I have not spoken to Nick in such a long time, but I am truly happy for him," she said in an interview for Atlanta PEACH magazine's June issue (on stands June 9).

Selita told writer Isoul Harris she thought it was "amazing" that the two lovebirds found each other. "It's a very blissful thing, and they are Blessed. You can't hate on love."

She plans to congratulate homeboy when she sees him: "We are cordial. If I see him, I will high-five him and tell him, 'You go, boy!'"

Selita also confirmed she's still dating NY Giants player Osi Umenyiora, although there are no wedding plans on the horizon.

Good news from the pitbull known as Hillary Rodham Clinton is planning to release her grip on the throat of the Democratic party.

Clinton plans to announce she is ending her divisive candidacy and throwing her supporting behind Barack Obama, who is set to clinch the Democratic nomination.

We're hoping she just disappears from the political landscape completely. We're also hoping Obama distances himself from Clinton if he knows what's good for him.

You asked for chocolate mocha with your morning cup of coffee: I give you Rundu model Dynast Hollis. Unfortunately, I saw a blip on my GAYdar screen. I'm not sure what that means. :)

Apologies to my readers for this post. This song by the College Hill ATL cast member is hot stinking GARBAGE! Lol! Isn't it appropriate that the name of Drew's song is BOOTY talk - considering the rumors that he's a bit loose in the caboose? Don't quit your day job, Drew (if you even have a job). :lol:

It looks like Queen Latifah is due for another breast reduction.... and a tummy tuck and liposuction. Men never have to worry about adjusting and rejuvenating their body parts. The things we have to go through to stay beautiful.

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The judge presiding over the R. Kelly trial has decided Sun-Times reporter and music critic Jim DeRogatis does not have to testify after all.

Judge Gaughan ruled Friday that DeRogatis had no protection against testifying under either the First Amendment or the Illinois reporter's privilege. He reaffirmed that decision Tuesday when DeRogatis failed to show up in court, saying that DeRogatis must testify because the reporter's privilege only protects journalists from revealing their sources.

But this morning the judge ruled that DeRogatis was protected against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment. "He does not have to testify," the judge said.

Meanwhile, two Kansas City men are on their way to Chicago with what they say will be "devastating revelations" about the alleged three-way tape. READ MORE...

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Anyway, I'm off to bid on a pair of Dolce & Gabbana sneakers. I've had my eye on a pair for a while now. But I refuse to pay a car note for a pair of sneakers. :)

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According to loyal reader, Chelle Belle, Edgar Bronfman, Jr was married to a black woman and together they had 3 bi-racial children, Vanessa, Benjamin and Hannah. They divorced in 1991. Bronfman's father, Edgar Bronfman Sr, then chairman of The Seagram Company Ltd., wrote a book detailing his disappointment with his son for marrying a black woman.


This morning I wrote a post about British/ Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A. announcing her engagement to the son of Warner chief Edgar Bronfman. I found the above pic on Does anyone know if that's Bronfman's son Benjamin Brewer with M.I.A.?

This pic shows Bronfman with his daughter Vanessa, who looks mixed to me.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

This is sad. This boy belongs in a juvenile detention facility or at least a longterm treatment facility for children with severe emotional problems and personality disorders.

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Loyal reader NYCUTIE requested some chocolate with her morning coffee (shouts to pinkvirgo for the link). This is calendar model Keston Carter. He's quite handsome, but he literally screams GAY to me. Any man who pumps up his body to please other men is suspect. If you get a chance to see body builders work out: watch how they admire each other's bodies and touch each other. They play it off by patting each other or offering to rub oil on each other. They're not pumping up for you, ladies. :)

Newly christened Style Icon, Zoe Kravitz, attended Ricky Powell's "Illy Funksters" Exhibition opening at the MILK Gallery in NYC last night. Her wedge heel sandals might have been one size too small for her feet, but that's okay. She's still hawt in a sixties Bohemian, Greenwich Village, bourgeois hipster kind of way. :)

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