I knew this would happen once Madonna brought adopted son David Banda into their happy family. What man can compete with a cutie like David? Soon Madonna will be on husband #3 and Ritchie will be a forgotten memory.

    Today, the Mirror reports that Madonna and Guy are done as a couple -- but not yet ready to endure the onslaught that will follow an announcement. One source says that Madonna is waiting for the end of her tour in November to publicly put a pin in her relationship. "They live like brother and sister rather than husband and wife and thought it best to call it a day," the source adds.

    Earlier this month, Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg released this statement, amid rumors of marriage troubles:

    "I am delighted to confirm that Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ritchie remain happily married. Though they were in different countries recently — Madonna in the U.S. doing promotion for her upcoming album, "Hard Candy," and Guy finishing up post-production on his new film, "RocknRolla," as well as completing a Nike commercial and working on several scripts in England — the family are joyfully back together at home in London. All is well and wonderful in the Ritchie household." (Source)

Photo: Splash News

    EDITED 6/24, 4:29 PM:
    Earlier I stated that Toni Braxton made an appearance on The Montel Williams Show. It has been brought to my attention that this morning's show was a re-run. It seems Montel's show got the ax back in May. We here at Sandrarose.com regret the error.

We all know that Toni Braxton canceled her Las Vegas shows due to illness. But the National Enquirer has the sultry R&B singer on her last legs. According to the National Enquirer, Braxton is on her death bed rest and could push off at any minute.

Toni’s lengthy history of health problems has contributed to a damaged heart valve. The valve is very weak, and even the slightest bit of overexertion could result in a rupture of heart failure. Toni’s health is so fragile that she’s being ordered to stay in bed as much as possible and to limit her physical activity.”“The surgery is very dangerous and there’s no guarantee it would be successful….Toni has been told that, in many cases, this condition can be stabilized with medication and bed rest. But if that doesn’t work, she could literally drop dead of heart failure.

Well, if that's the case, why was she performing on The Montel Williams Show this morning? If her heart valve was that weak she wouldn't be strong enough to make guest appearances anywhere much less sing.

Endocarditis is a very serious infection of the heart valves. It is notoriously difficult to treat and most patients are given a poor prognosis. But if caught early enough and if treated aggressively with IV antibiotics, patients can recover and live normal lives. Clearly Toni Braxton is living her life and loving every moment of it!

As some of you may already know, the place where New Jack Swing was born burned to the ground in a suspicious fire in Virginia Beach early this morning. Riley abandoned Future Records Recording Studios when he defaulted on his mortgage loan. The building an its outdated equipment was put up for auction but no one met the $500,000 initial bid.

So I'm having a conversation today with my photographer Freddy O about the legendary producer Teddy Riley and New Jack Swing. I'm telling him about Redhead Kingpin and dude is silent.

I'm like, "Fred, you've heard of New Jack Swing, right?" He says, "Nope." Oh my God, does this generation know anything about our musical history? Has an entire generation of kids been lost to BET and MTV?

I mean, even when I was in high school I knew who all the Jazz greats were like Coltraine Shirley Bassey,

According to Wikipedia, the term "New Jack Swing" was coined by writer-filmmaker Barry Michael Cooper (screenwriter for the films New Jack City, Above The Rim, and Sugar Hill. But Teddy Riley brought the new sound to the masses with groups like Guy, Tony, Toni, Tone; Wrecks-N-Effect and Redhead Kingpin, among others.

Check out some of the videos from the New Jack Swing era after the break!

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Oh my, a loyal reader says today's Morning Wood, Brian White, is no Morning Wood at all. He's more like a Morning Stub. And he (yes, he) sent along the evidence. When I saw the evidence, my Gaydar went off like an air raid siren. Liked to scared me to death! But Brian is who you requested so I gave him to you.

Please note that the evidence is VERY much NOT safe for work. Click at your own risk! You have been warned!

Rihanna! wearing a camouflage speedy with an Ostrich feather skirt. Only Rihanna!

Those high heel sandals, the Ostrich feathers with latex leggings and a Camouflage LV Speedy? Only Rihanna! Oh, I said that already.

Fantasia and her daughter are TOO cute! Fantasia is sporting the very popular Monogram Leopard Stephen.

More pics after the break!

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So far I've managed to avoid the ridiculous public beef between Ice T's grown ass vs. Soulja Boy's silly ass - I think both parties are wrong, but especially the OG Ice T. A grown man of 50 arguing with a young silly boy is never a good look.

But something happened this weekend to make me focus on the subject of their public feuding.

I'm in Ice T's age bracket. I grew up listening to Ice T's music (if that's what you want to call it) His music was garbage back then just as Soulja Boy's music is garbage now. It isn't about music as much as it is about a lack of respect. R-e-s-p-e-c-t is not in anyone's vocabulary these days. Respect is a lost art along with pride, creativity and tradition in our community. Hip Hop killed all that.

This past Saturday (6/21) I walked into the Athlete's Foot on Lee Street (in the West End) looking for a pair of black slides. The young girl who waited on me couldn't have been older than 21. She was dark skinned. She stood about 5 feet tall and wore her hair ghetto-pocahantas style with two braids extending back attached to long extensions (I'm describing her for a reason).

Her body language and lackadaisical attitude indicated that she didn't want to be there that day. She was not helpful at all. She wasn't familiar with the store's inventory: when I asked her if she had any other style of slides in the store, her answer was no. But when I pointed out the other styles of slides on a display right next to her, she just stood there like a stone statue.

So I tried on a pair of the display slides that she said didn't exist. When I slid my foot out of the slide and turned to walk away, the stone statue suddenly came to life. In a high-pitched condescending voice, she said, "SO YOU GONNA MAKE ME BEND DOWN AND PICK THAT UP OFF THE FLOOR?"

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