It’s been a while since I made a post about Rihanna. Here she’s seen gracing the red carpet at the 2008 Spirit Of Life Award Dinner honoring Doug Morris in Santa Monica last night. Rihanna looks radiant in a red hot silk strapless two-piece Monique Lhuillier Resort 2009 number with black 3 in. heels. Thank God her stylist did something with her hair! It has been looking a mess lately. Rihanna looks splendiferous as B. Scott would say!

Toni Braxton was also at the dinner looking the picture of health in a black Hervé Léger by Max Azria cocktail dress with pink rose detail and black slingback pumps. HAWT!

One day after celebrating his 30th birthday with his wife Tameka and close friends at an intimate dinner in Atlanta, Usher was back on the road. He stopped by the GQ magazine Gentlemens Ball in NYC last night. Apparently, Tameka forgot to pack his black suit and tie for the affair. Yes, Usher, they’re laughing at you.

Rapper Lil’ Jon didn’t get the memo that the dinner was a formal affair.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty

Loyal reader BabyGurl sent in this pic of Beyonce fans Stephany and Ashley from the Bey board posing with their idol.

Check out the dude on the right giving Bey a WTF Side Eye. I’d be wondering what that mess on top of her head is too! Is that supposed to be a beehive or is that where she stashes her fake $5M rock for safekeeping?

I’m sure you’ve all been watching the news about our current global economic crisis.

Everyone’s pointing the finger of blame at the Republicans for the crisis. But it was actually the Democrats who started the financial meltdown of this country’s economy.

Remember back when president Bill Clinton’s administration pressured banks into lowering credit restrictions so people with poor credit histories could afford homes?

Well, at the time, no one thought to say, ‘hey, what happens if all these people who have a history of not paying their bills, defaults on these loans?”

The Clinton administration guaranteed the “no money down” loans through Fannie Mae by promising to purchase the high risk mortgages thus removing the bad debt off the bank’s books.

So everyone was happy.

Lower income people with poor credit histories could now afford to be homeowners, and that was supposed to be the happy ending to the story.

Except that corrupt bankers, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and politicians got greedy.

In the above video, shot in 2004, watch as the Democrats try to protect their cash cow (Fannie Mae) from the Republicans who wanted more regulations on the agency.

At the 7:29 mark, Frank Raines, the disgraced ex-Fannie Mae CEO, and now Obama’s unofficial economic adviser, basically says, ‘what risk? there’s no risk in home loans.’ By the way, Raines just purchased a $4.9M condo with the money he stole.

Yesterday, I posted a photo of Omarion in a compromising position with a young man who I thought was Bow Wow.

But loyal reader Essence insisted the pic I posted was indeed Photoshopped, and the other person in the photo is Omarion’s sister.

First of all, I didn’t know Omarion had a sister. And secondly, to me, that still looks like Bow Wow in a wig. Maybe someone Photoshopped Bow’s tats out of the picture?

It’s not that serious, but I’m still not convinced that’s a girl. Unless her daddy has some skrong genes.

I will admit I’m wrong if I see the face of the other person in the pic. Why are they hiding?

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 15:14:49
Subject: The O/’Bow’ pic…here’s the original

That is so NOT Bow. LOL Those pictures were posted weeks ago on another site.

The tats and all that were photoshopped…that is his SISTER in the picture.

I’ve attached the original pic, along with another pic of him and his sister where you can clearly see a full head of curly hair.

Some people are so damn ignorant and need to do more stuff with their spare time. I hope this clears things up. : o)


If you watched last night’s debate, you heard Sen. John McCain mention the most famous plumber in America.

This video shows the brief exchange between the man the media has dubbed “Joe The Plumber” and Sen. Barack Obama. Their paths crossed while the senator campaigned door to door in Ohio this past Sunday.

The plumber’s real name is Joe Wurzelbacher, and he’s one of the 5% of upper middle class Americans earning over $250,000 per year who worry that Obama — if elected president — will raise their taxes to “spread the wealth around” to the poor and disenfranchised.

Joe Plumber: “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn’t it?”

Obama: “It’s not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Their brief exhange is resonating with the upper middle class, especially small business owners who will be hit hardest if Obama raises their taxes.

Critics charge Obama is a Marxist whose goal is to redistribute the wealth evenly between the rich and the poor like a modern day Robin Hood.

Rapper Diamond, formerly of Crime Mob, sent over the artwork for her new mixtape titled “Miss Boujhetto”. Diamond didn’t have a copy of her mixtape to send me, but here’s a lil’ taste of what’s to come.

The track is titled “My Skittles” and it is hawt! It’s the first single off her upcoming debut solo album.

I wish Diamond and Princess would kill all that drama and reunite as a duo. The two of them together would be an unstoppable force in Hip Hop.

Check out Diamond’s Myspace for new music and info on Diamond!

Earlier, I posted a Morning Wood featuring Marion “Pooch” Hall, the actor who plays “Derwin Davis” on CW’s popular show The Game.

Thanks to loyal reader Bee, who did some investigative work and found out Pooch Hall is married with two little girls. But why would he keep that a secret?

Pooch’s wife is Linda Hall. She met Marion at UMass Dartmouth and quickly became pregnant with their first daughter. They married following graduation.

Linda is now a successful real estate agent in L.A. where she and Marion reside.

The Internet is a wonderful tool!

Keyshia Cole celebrated her 27th birthday with family and friends at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night.

The party continues in Atlanta on Saturday art a secret location!

Keyshia partied in Mr. Chow’s upscale, intimate atmosphere with her mom Frankie, new beaux, and celebrity friends Tyrese, Anthony Hamilton and Ne-Yo, who will celebrate his 29th birthday in the ATL this Saturday.

Isn’t Keyshia gorgeous? She is literally glowing in these pics!

Thanks to Andrew Scott at ASA PR, and Manny Halley for the pics!

I’m amazed at the lengths that Sen. Barack Obama supporters will go to smear Rep. VP candidate Sarah Palin. I still don’t understand the hostility towards Palin although I do see that emotions are running high right now.

But why drag her innocent children into it?

If someone Photoshopped a pic of Malia Obama giving another child the one finger salute, Obama’s supporters would cry racism — and rightly so.

We’re better than this, people!

Thanks to loyal reader Anita for the pic.

ATL superstars Keyshia Cole and Ne-Yo will celebrate their birthdays in grand fashion at separate parties in Atlanta this weekend.

Last night, Keyshia celebrated her 27th birthday at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills with good friend Ne-Yo in attendance. Above right is a photo of Ne-Yo leaving Keyshia’s party last night.

Check back shortly. I will post pics of Keyshia (and her hot new beaux) at her birthday party!

According to Keyshia’s manager Manny Halley, the splashy affair was sponsored by Remy Martin Louis X111 Grande Cognac.

Keyshia will continue her birthday celebration in Atlanta on Saturday night with a private star-studded bash following the 2008 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Also Saturday, Ne-Yo will celebrate his 29th birthday with a private Cirque de Soleil-themed party at an undisclosed location.

Happy birthday kids!

Photos: Splash News Online

As most of you know, Pooch Hall is a young actor best known for his role as superstar football player “Derwin Davis” on CW’s The Game. Hall also appeared in the movie Blind Guy.

As far as I know, Pooch is not currently married or dating. Look for Hall to appear in an upcoming Tyler Perry movie sometime soon. Hall currently resides in Los Angeles, and his hobbies include boxing and basketball.

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Beyonce appeared on BET’s 106 & Park yesterday. Bey touched on the controversy surrounding the video for her song “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” — which she claimed she directed.

Bey admitted to stealing a scene from the infamous Fosse Walk It Out video — just as various bloggers said she did.

Beyonce proved her critics right as she explained her unoriginal and uncreative thinking process while writing the treatment for the video. How could she not admit to stealing the idea when the evidence was so obvious?

Beyonce’s double album is set to be released on Nov. 18. Bey says there are no collabos on her double album, which means it will probably flop big time.

According to Atlanta’s V-103, this morning’s much-hyped appearance of the ‘Real Housewives of Atanta‘ cast on the #1 rated Frank & Wanda Morning Show was canceled because the cast members and Bravo felt the Morning Show’s on air personalities would “ambush” the ladies.

The Morning Show’s Frank Ski, Wanda Smith, Miss Sophia and the show’s producer Nina Brown and Ramona DeBreaux, vigorously and loudly defended themselves on the air.

According to Morning Show producer Nina Brown, Bravo called her and said, “from the experience the girls had at the radio station today with another person on the Morning Show [Miss Sophia]… it is in our best interests that we cancel this interview because they feel they will be ambushed.”

Nina responded, “We have had way more controversial people on our airwaves and we have not ambushed any of them.”

Later in the show, cast members Sheree Whitfield and Nene Leakes called into the studio to explain why they didn’t appear on the Frank & Wanda Morning Show this morning.

Nene expressed her hurt and dismay that Atlantans weren’t embracing the show and its cast. While Sheree continued to insist that she was portraying her real lifestyle on the show.

If you care, Sean Combs kicked Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Woods out of Danity Kane in the Making The Band season 4 finale last night.

Aubrey O’Day and D. Woods were both kicked out of Danity Kane by Diddy last night on Making of the Band 4 Live Finale! Wow! Rumors have been swirling that Sean John Combs (Diddy) would kick Aubrey O’Day out of Danity Kane but why D. Woods?

Last night, less than 10 minutes into the show, Diddy dropped the bomb by confirming that Aubrey O’Day was no longer a member of Danity Kane.

So what went wrong? According to Diddy, Aubrey was a lot different from the Aubrey that he had signed. “The Aubrey that I signed, I don’t have any beef with her. I just want to work with the young lady that I signed, not the person that fame has made her.”

As for D. Woods, she’s out because she’s friend with Aubrey!!! (Source)

Anybody who believed Danity Kane was a real group or Making The Band is a real show, is just as loony as Sean Combs.

Hey Diddy, your career is calling. It can’t find its way home.