Loyal reader Olivia wrote:

    Hey Sandra,

    I am a faithful reader of your blog. I had N.E.R.D at my school, University of Missouri-Kansas City on April 11th, 2009. Our special guest was the Clipse and they were openers for the concert. So we basically hired 2 groups. Well guess who showed up??? RHIANNA. I was one of the coordinators who couldn’t believe it and as I opened the door, she and Pharrell walked in together. I attached pictures from the concert. She didn’t actually sing..she only danced on stage with Pharrell. After the concert I got to meet Pharrell but Rihanna left in a hurry in a black SUV. It was such a surprise for the entire school! Rihanna walked our grounds and we didn’t even hire her.


    Olivia I

Singer Steph Jones has come up with an ingenius way to get fresh air, exercise and meet beautiful ladies all at the same time. Every Saturday, Jones organizes a healthy hike up Runyon mountain with a group of his friends, including College Hill’s Dorion Standberry. Looks like fun!

Description by Charles David:

    G.U.M.B.O., created by musical artist Steph Jones, is all about positiveness and bringing people together and sharing what makes each one of us special…like a nice bowl of gumbo! Be prepared to sweat, but feel accomplished in the end!

    If you want to join Steph Jones on a hike, meet us all every Saturday at 8 am at Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. We meet at the Fuller Entrance!

    For more info on Steph Jones…
    twitter: http://twitter.com/stephjonesmusic
    myspace: http://myspace.com/stephjones2

4 people, including 2 infants, died in a fiery head on collision caused by a hit-and-run driver yesterday in southwest Atlanta.

A family of 4 had just left Easter services at their church and were headed to a friend’s home for dinner when, police say, a BMW broadsided their Mercedes Benz setting off a chain-reaction crash involving multiple vehicles.

The high impact collision caused the Mercedes to careen across the median and collide head on with a Volkswagen before striking other cars and bursting into flames at Camp Creek Parkway between Butner Road and Old Fairburn Road.

All four occupants of the Mercedes, including an infant, died at the scene.

The family were en route to the home of Yancey Richardson, Special Ops Southeast Regional for Atlantic Records. Richardson twittered about his loss yesterday:

My sister’s best friend and Family were comin to our family dinner from church & was killed in a car crash-the whole Family [Link]

An infant riding in the Volkswagen also died, and the adult driver was transported to Grady hospital.

According to the AJC, police are searching for the driver of a BMW of unknown color with heavy damage on the left side.

“If anyone sees, on any BMW, fresh collision marks, we’re asking them to call,” said police spokeswoman Detective Melissa Parker.

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to call 404-612-5314.


I realize this email is long, but please read the whole thing when you have a moment. It’s important for you to know that the practice of discrimination based on skin tone and excess melanin in one’s skin is alive and well in the music industry. In order to put a stop to this divisive practice, we must expose it and make everyone aware that it is an ongoing problem.


    First let me start by stating I love your blog and how you always show love to the chocolate girls out here! My name is Candy and I am the Assistant to Lashawnna Stanley founder and CEO of Ethnicity Models and Talent Agency. I’m sending you this email in regards to your post about the HOT new video by Flo-rida”suga.” You made a comment stating “Is it just me or has the standard for video vixens been upgraded considerably”. The lead model in the video is named Natasha Majors and she is an Ethnicity Model. For the last ten years LaShawnna Stanley has fought to clean up the image of the video modeling industry. Ethnicity Models is about upsetting the standards when it comes to the urban market. We stress to the girls to love them self first, be professional and not selling their soul just to be in a video. Any case below is what REALLLLY happen on today’s set, and how LaShawnna had to go through a bunch of drama just to get a brown girl in the video. The note below is a personal note that LaShawnna jotted while at the video.

    Enjoy your Easter

    Candy L

    Source: Note from LaShawnna Stanley‘s personal Facebook page.

    All I can say is Tupac “keep ur head up” if ur not familiar with the song youtube it. Why do we hate our women? Oh so here we go… I was called last mintue to cast a flo rida video, after a week of trying to cast the video in miami without using ethnicity, they had no choice but to call. Although reluctant because I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, I went ahead and accepted. They only need one lead girl to play the love interest, how hard can it be! So after only seeing 6 girls #7 was it- Flo saw the girl he wanted to play his lead…. Natasha! Yall might know her from my fun w/friends photos as “ghetto tasha”. They didn’t even want to see anymore girls once they saw her, she 5’10, brown, 36d,26,38 all natural with a face like naomi campbell. The look of intimidation that set in on the video commissioner and another women from the label set in as soon as natasha entered the room in her white bikini- no stretch marks or cellulite, no implants or excessive makeup. Just a naturally beautiful BLACK woman. I could tell from the look on their faces there was going to be some drama…..

    Ok so natasha is booked, call time is 6am, she arrives, only to be told oh we don’t need you we booked somebody else, a light skin latin girl with long hair, the typical look they’ve been pushing on us in the video world lately-because they think its the look that the consumer fantasises over.Don’t get me wrong I think those women are beautiful too but we can’t keep displaying one standard of beauty. All women all colors, shapes and sizes are beautiful….

    Ok it doesn’t end there, now anybody that knows me knows I’m a gangsta from kansas city, you can’t just tell me anything. So I wait patiently for Flo and his manager to arrive to tell them what happened. They are pissed! They are some good ole carol city miami “real hood fella’s” they wanted ghetto tasha! What happened? So the producer and the video commissioner came up with the excuse oh we thought she couldn’t get her hair wet so we booked somebody else. Huh? Thank god for blackberry and emails, I have mail in my phone confirming that natasha was ok with getting her hair wet. Its a damn shame that they would go to that extreme to not show a BLACK girl as a beauty object but quick to book them if its a part for a stripper or a whore….so in every case it’s NOT the artist that are brainwashed its the powers at be forcing the images on us that they want to represent beauty.

    Now you know why the call me “the model mafia”! Natasha is the lead, case closed! Stay tuned and look out for the “sugar” video its gonna be hott! Now let’s hope they don’t try to wash her out in the edit and try to make her complexion look lighter than it really is…..

Photo: Splash News Online

UPDATE: 11:15 p.m.
Stay tuned tomorrow (Sat) I will update this post with an email from the model pictured with Flo Rida describing the DRAMA she had to go through just to be featured in this video! The shameful pattern of reverse discrimination that permeates the film industry will be exposed by a model who experienced it first hand! The crazy part is Flo Rida and his boys had to force the director to put her back in this video. So thank God for their efforts to have a sistah in the video.

Thanks to Flo Rida, I now have a music video to look forward to. This one is for Flo Rida’s track “Sugar” and it was shot on S. Beach today. Is it just me or has the standard for video vixens been upgraded considerably?

Photos: Splash News Online

Sean Combs’ sex toy, Cassie, isn’t getting enough attention so she shaved half her head and posted the pics on her twitter page. If she really wanted to impress us, she would shave her entire head bald.

Thanks to loyal reader model_chick78 for the tip!

Oprah Winfrey is blowing bubbles on the cover of the May 09 issue of O. Is there another female in entertainment history with a bigger ego than O’s? It makes news when Oprah is not on the cover of her own magazine.

Speaking of egos, Jamie Foxx is feeling some kind of way about himself now that he’s fast approaching 41 (His birthday is Dec. 13). Jamie tells Uptown magazine that he’s not the marrying kind, obviously because no woman can measure up to his ego. Jamie says he’s content to be bachelor all his life though, “Not necessarily a bachelor, but I look at marriage as not for me.” We agree.

Covers source

Yesterday I posted a request for photos of the west coast tranny that Bow Wow was rumored to have sexed. Is “she” the reason why a Sony rep for Bow Wow’s management team suddenly reached out to me yesterday?

Here’s part of the email from Sony which was sent yesterday a few hours after I posted a request for these pictures:

Bow Wow’s management team has expressed a sincere interest in speaking with you. I am reaching out on their behalf, to gauge if you would be interested in speaking with them. If so, that is great; as I think it should get a healthy discussion going and should help to clear the air. You should also discuss your thoughts and opinions on Bow with them.

I think I’d rather discuss my thoughts and opinions on Bow Wow with my readers.

Anyway, this is what my loyal reader who sent me these pics wrote:

Apparently her names Nadia and she is from LA but travels everywhere from ATL, DC, Miami, and NY, all the popular spot celebs and people are at. She’s with one of those escort agencies. Nadia and Bow Wow hooked up on a one night stand but I still don’t know to this day if Bow Wow knows he f*cked a tranny or not because she looks and acts like a natural born female. I also heard her “milkshake” brings all the straight and bisexual boys to the yard. Hopefully this will be a lesson to these men out there to not just f*ck anything with a cute face and phat butt walking cause it very well might be a MAN!

Tell the truth fellas, would she have fooled you?

First Lady Michelle Obama didn’t waste any time getting back to her garden after returning from her trip to London. How could you not love Michelle? What other First Lady wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the White House garden — especially when they have servants for that sort of thing?

Mrs. Obama invited students to help her plants herbs in the White House kitchen garden on the South lawn yesterday.


Imagine the scene out on the high seas off the coast of Somalia: 4 exhausted pirates holding one American hostage in a small lifeboat bobbing in the waves surrounded by the FBI, a navy destroyer with the capabilities of taking out a small country, American warships, and a gaggle of media boats.

You’re probably thinking this hostage situation will be over by lunchtime. But these Somali pirates are used to the long haul. The last hostage crisis ended two months and $3.2 million in cash later.

In what will likely end up being a skit on SNL, one of the 4 pirates asked a Reuter’s writer to “Please pray for us.”

Barack Obowma still hasn’t released a statement on the matter. I realize this goes against his bowing and scraping inclinations, but Obama needs to step up and make a statement because this international incident is not playing out very well in our favor.

The cast of WB’s The Game need your help to keep the show from being canceled. According to a member of the CW boards, Tom Joyner announced the show is in jeopardy of being canceled due to lackluster ratings. I admit I’ve never seen the show, but then it isn’t being marketed to senior citizens.

So if you want to save the show, go here to voice your opinion. They need 1,000,000 posts by next week. Good luck with that.

I can’t watch this show but I know my readers are faithful viewers even though the show is obviously scripted. Dawn, formerly of Danity Kane is shown without makeup. The beauty of Mother Earth is evident in her face. On the other hand… Aundrea… proves that not all women can simply wash their faces with soap & water, apply some moisturizer and go. For them, makeup is very essential.

R&B Diva Monica is subbing all this week for the Ryan King of the Ryan Cameron Show (V-103). Mo’s in-studio guest yesterday was rap icon T-Boz of TLC. They discuss trifling women in Atlanta, and negative commentators on blogs. I love the fact that Mo isn’t afraid to leave the house without makeup on. Mo definitely has a future in radio.