Against the advice of the CIA and others within the intelligence community, the Obama administration has released heretofore classified CIA documents detailing interrogation techniques that were used on 9/11 terrorists.

Does Barack Obama think releasing classified documents of secret military techniques will benefit us in some way? Especially since the military field manual on interrogation techniques is readily available online -- and has been downloaded and put into practice by al qaeda? Obama has now given our enemies more ammunition to use against us!

More Change that we don't need!

From the Wall Street Journal:

    Soon after he was sworn in, President Barack Obama signed an executive order that suspended use of these techniques and confined not only the military but all U.S. agencies -- including the CIA -- to the interrogation limits set in the Army Field Manual.

    Disclosure of the techniques is likely to be met by faux outrage, and is perfectly packaged for media consumption. It will also incur the utter contempt of our enemies. Somehow, it seems unlikely that the people who beheaded Nicholas Berg and Daniel Pearl, and have tortured and slain other American captives, are likely to be shamed into giving up violence by the news that the U.S. will no longer interrupt the sleep cycle of captured terrorists even to help elicit intelligence that could save the lives of its citizens. READ MORE...

Singers Robin Thicke (L) and Usher (R) with Robin's wife Paula Patton at Secret Society Thursdays, an intimate private gathering of industry movers and shakers and those on the fast track in Atlanta. Secret Society Thursdays is the brainchild of Alex Gidewon of AG Entertainment, who envisioned a spot off the beaten path where his celebrity friends and VIPs could chill in a relaxing atmosphere.

On Sunday night, Sean Combs hosts Akon's birthday bash at the Velvet Room nightclub in Tucker. Alex and Sean Combs are making big moves together. I can't give away too much information, but stay tuned. You know when it happens you'll hear about it first on!

l to r: Alex Gidewon (AG Ent), Mike Taylor, producer Jazze Pha (red jacket), singer/producer Vawn and promoter Chubbie Baby

Props to Prince Williams of for the exclusive pics!

Singer Robin Thicke and his lovely wife, actress Paula Patton

l to r: DeVyne Stephens (Upfront Records), LisaRaye McCoy, and Usher

Jermaine Dupri and his artist Q Da Kid

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Socialite Christina Milian is tired of y'all riding her about her blond locks. So instead of paying you haters no mind, she's allowing her natural brown roots to grow back in. That's too bad. Little does she know that all this attention she's been getting lately will fade away as quickly as the bleach in her hair.

It's been real nice knowing you, sis.

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Normally I would rip Jay Z for a story like this in today's NY Post's Page Six. But the Jigga man actually ends up smelling like a rose.

According to Page Six, Jay Z rolls with some cheap bastards who don't mind flaunting their wealth -- just don't ask them to part with it!

Jay Z and a couple of record label honchos hit up a posh Chelsea eatery and ordered bottle after bottle of expensive bubbly. Despite the fact that the owner comped some of the liquor for the cheapskates (meaning, he only charged them a portion of the bill) they still stiffed the restaurant!

While they argued over who would pay the $1,500 bill, Jay Z went into his own pocket and tipped the waitress $500 before going outside to wait.

From NY Post's Page Six:

    In February, Atlantic Records executive Michael Kyser and Universal Music Group honcho Shawn Costner took Jay-Z and his posse out to M2 in Chelsea. But owner Joey Morrisey claims that Kyser and Costner are refusing to pay their $1,500 tab.

    "Jay-Z ordered a bottle of Patron Platinum and some expensive champagne, and everything was going great," M2 man- ager Dan Develin tells Page Six. "The waitress has known him for five years, and he's a good friend of Joey's, so we ended up comping a lot of their bill."

    But when the check came for $1,500 -- amounting to less than a third of the tab they'd actually rung up -- things got hairy. "Kyser and Costner were making a big show of wanting to take Jay-Z out, so they started arguing over who got to pick up the check," Develin says. "Jay-Z ended up tipping the waitress $500 and going outside to wait."

    Eventually, Develin says, the two decided to split it. After Costner's corporate MasterCard was declined, however, Kyser agreed to foot the entire bill.

    "Before we could get him to sign the receipt, he left the club," Develin says. "Of course, we still have his card, so we called up his office, and his assistant told us someone would come by to sign. Weeks went by, and no one ever did. Finally, we got a call from AmEx and were told that Kyser was disputing the charge. When we called him up again, his assistant said, 'Oh, Michael says he doesn't actually remember being there' -- which is crazy because we have his card and photos of him and Jay-Z."

    Owner Morrissey said, "We just want to settle this and be done without having to press charges." A spokesman for Jay-Z declined to comment. Neither Keyser nor Costner returned repeated calls.

Photo: Splash News Online

With all these professional jump offs wreaking havoc on the industry -- you knew Hollywood would come calling eventually. It isn't exactly a big budget Hollwyood production, but actor & stuntman Derrick Simmons makes his director's debut with this romantic comedy about scandalous women and your men who love them.

The cast is made up of mostly unknown actors. I guess Kim Porter, LisaRaye, Gabrielle Union, and Alicia Keys weren't available.

The Atlanta screening of "Jump Offs" is tomorrow, Sat, Apr 18th 12:30PM @Spaghetti Junction Urban Film Festival

Torch Theater
2244 Panola Road
Lithonia, GA 30058

Thanks to loyal reader 2bme for the tip!

I told you kids three years ago that all those Making the Band groups were fake. In last night's cliff hanger (yawn), Sean Combs pulled a Trump move and "fired" Aubrey from what was left of the Danity Kane manufactured group. The only one left still standing is the chocolate brown cutie (I forget her name). Anyway, if you still can't see how fake these scripted shows are, you're just hopeless -- and you are exactly the type of viewer that these lame shows are targeted at.

We're loving Solange's fruity pebbles throwback look from the Flintstones era. Only Solange can wear Chanel with that outfit and those ugly azz shoes and make it work.

Photos: Splash News Online

The white ladies love LL Cool J, don't they? LL performed a medley of his throwback hits at TAO Las Vegas in The Venetian Hotel and Casino last night. Make that money LL.
Photos: Wireimage/Getty

The lovely Miss La La Vazquez attended the Tyson premiere in L.A. yesterday. I knew La La way before she went Hollywood on y'all when she used to be a jock at Hot 97.5 (now Hot 107.9) in Atlanta. Did you know La La's film production company produced this movie? Yes, she's ballin' like that.

Former NFL player Michael Strahan and Nicole Mitchell Murphy attended the "Tyson" premiere in L.A. last night. See, sometimes a little cheating is necessary to breathe some life back into a stale relationship. How else can you explain the fact that these two are still together?

Ex-boxers "Sugar" Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and "Sugar" Shane Mosley attended the L.A. premiere of the movie "Tyson" yesterday in L.A.

Actress Elise Neal also attended the "Tyson" premiere. I don't like the rhinestones on that dress, but her overall style is cute.

This is the sweetest actress in the business. Tamala Jones is always willing to take a picture. Unlike that Queen Latifah who think she all that. Tamala attended the "Tyson" Los Angeles Premiere in West Hollywood yesterday.

Can you believe this is Apollo Creed from the Rocky movies? I realize we get old, but dag. Carl Weathers attended the "Tyson" premiere in L.A. yesterday.

Actor Darren Dewitt Henson attended the "Tyson" premiere last night. *in my Wendy Williams voice* How U Doin Darren

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Actress/singer Queen Latifah hosted last night's United Friend's of the Children's Brass Ring Award dinner at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The ladies love Jadakiss. That's Melanie Fiora (L) and Shontelle (R) planting kisses on Jada's cheeks at the Brand Jordan Akon bowling event at Lucky Strike Lanes in NYC last night.

Hot 97 NY jock Angie Martinez and NBA superstar Vince Carter attended the Brand Jordan Akon bowling event at Lucky Strike Lanes in NYC last night.

Socialite (can we even call her that?) CoCo and her gramps Ice T visited the M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC yesterday.

Photos: Wireimage/Getty disses Mr. 106 & Park! You know your career is toast when BET takes a shot at you.


    Yesterday Bow Wow held a live video chat where he answered questions from the few fans he has left.

    During the chat Bow Wow revealed how uncomfortable he gets around gays.

    He talked about a time where he needed a haircut and had his people go and find him a barber. But after noticing the barber was gay he told them that he didn’t want the haircut anymore.

    He said he didn’t want a gay barber touching his head.

    I’m guessing either the top of his dome is his hot spot or he seems to think homosexuality is contagious.

    Isn’t it funny that a guy who twirled his neck like a hurricane and flinched his wrist around like it just suffered a stroke during a special with Omarion (you know, that masculine guy) is saying that he’s homophobic?

    Of all people you would think a child star would be more accepting of people.

    Note to Bow Wow: 12-year-olds don’t like you anymore and their older sisters never cared about you. 70% of the people who bought your album last week were probably gay.

    It’s a good thing you’re retiring: You just missed out on selling an additional 7 copies of New Jack City II.

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