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A loyal reader sent me this pic of struggling R&B singer Trey Songz and blogger Necole Bitchie swapping spit in some flea bag motel room somewhere.

Until I saw this pic I was riding hard for Necole Bitchie. I was the first to jump to her defense when haters accused her of being a celebrity wannabe and a industry whore.

She also denied every bit of it. But this picture speaks a thousand words.

I hope Necole understands that f***ing Trey Songz means she's f***ing every chick (or man) that Trey Songz has laid up with. Who's next on her list? Will she be Lil Wayne's baby mama #5? Ewww.

Thanks to loyal reader Licia for the pic.


It has been brought to my attention that the above photo was snapped at some public event. Which makes matters even worse. It means Necole was throwing her tongue all down Trey's throat right out in the open. Where's her credibility as a blogger? Can we believe anything she says after this disgrace? I wonder what Russell Simmons has to say about all this since she works for him?

  • Daisy

    GET IT NB!!!!!!! Hope he didn't let you

  • talkingwithtami

    lol you are too funny that looks nothing like Necole to me Im jus sayin

  • LadyJustice

    get it necole! i aint mad at cha.

    sandra u just got it in for this girl dont cha? so with her kissing him, u cant call her a lesbun anymore right?

  • starr

    i don't visit this necole's chick blog, so i don't know what she looks like. But I've heard that trey ain't the only one she's f**ked.....just what i've read from posters on the three blogs i go to.....

    chicks are effing for tracks, its only right that some are effing for interviews, pics, etc....u name it

  • mizzdallas

    Let me get my popcorn ready!!!

    Hmmmmm, this post is about to get MESSY!!!

  • LadyJustice


    thats definately her

  • starr

    where charles? lol

  • LadyJustice

    im with u mizz, we can share :popcorn:

  • yvonne79

    It doesn't look like she wants to kiss him to me :frown:

  • mizzdallas


    thats NB!, she didnt address the issue nor did she deny the twit pics..

    But ummmm, NB, said on her twit that she is still a "cob web" so basically she is saying she aint messed around with trey or anybodyelse...

    So I ask again Sandra, how do you know she is a lesbo...?

    Inquiring minds want to know :)

  • pointhimout

    Necole, u lucky bbytch you. how them lips taste? mm mm mm


  • mizzdallas

    thanks! lady, and I brought the butter :)

    and yes where is charles..? when we need his crazy azz!!!

  • sharnell

    Okay, I have seen at least 3 photos of the same instance. First, it does not look like a hotel in the background, second lilduval posted the pics from an event they were all at, and third in each picture she does not look like she is kissing him. I need to see the final photo, and I need for NB to address this. Because she said she would "never ever"!

  • LovelyLady

    That is Necole but sooooo what. She is a grown azz woman. Why does she have to be f*cking for anything. Why can't they be dating ans thats it. Just like she said she will not even defend her self because people believe what they want.

    Sandra I think you are being very disrespectul. To call someone a whore and this and that is not called for.

  • LovelyLady

    And she said she is celibant (sp?)

  • Shauny

    #13 if the pic above isn't a kiss please tell me what is?

    Get it Necole, I would LOVE to kiss those lips.

  • Shauny

    #13 if the pic above isn't a kiss please tell me what is?

    Get it Necole, I would LOVE to kiss those lips.

  • Charles

    I been done told yall she was a whore fucking for hits and liquor thinking she doing it big her blog is in the 40,000sss floppppppppp

    Drunk driving industry ho and it be different if she was doing it big but trey songz is a known man whore(men and women) and she don't know what he just gave her....

    Black women these men are the ones spreading the hiv!!

  • sharnell

    #16 like fat joe said, lean back.

  • starr

    i may be the lone wolf, but whats so good about being the 30th, or 50th, or 100th chick he's f**ked.

  • pointhimout

    well, if he has any STD, he cant get it. I'll feel him up still. dont judge me.

  • Kat

    did i miss something? what's the big deal if she's kissing trey?

  • Daisy

    Sandra just preached a word about tearing down women/people last I tell you SMH

    @Shauny OKAY and whoever said lean back I LOVE

    Charles you dont sleep with women so you cant call anybody a whore!

  • yvonne79


  • Daisy

    @Starr NB said she aint sleep with Trey or any man for that matter she is a member of the cob web Some women are quick to judge other women about how they get down. If they grown why does it matter long as it aint yo man getting it

  • LadyJustice

    lmao @ the update.

    sandra where u see the tounge at? she act like she dont even wanna kiss him.

  • lovejoy1

    wow- do NB still post on SR website? I know she use to or did SR give her the AX

  • JustSayin

    So let me get this right..If you're a blogger..You can't date/sleep with people you may blog about?..That some how doesn't make sense to me..They both grown...


  • Charles


    Girl blewp u dnt know me or my personal life who I am with who I been with, but we all can see who necole is sucking and fu*king

    And daisy curious what do you think I do for a living

  • lovezoe

    Necole keep doing you, so what if she kissing that man. Just because she is a blogger does not make her incapable of finding a man.

  • yvonne79

    JustSayin Says:

    So let me get this right..If you’re a blogger..You can’t date/sleep with people you may blog about?..That some how doesn’t make sense to me..They both grown…
    To be honest, I could care less if he smashed, didn't smash or if Necole is gay. How is this news?

  • Charles

    @30 @31

    Are you 2 the same girls and ythinks its alright to go to a club and leave with a man and sleep with him. I bet yall are, and people wonder why is aids growing so fast for black women,

    Promiscuity trey songz don't give 2 shits about her and she was just sex and she didn't realize this that's what's sad

  • Peachizz

    "Struggling R&B singer Trey Songz" LOL
    I aint say that I haven't seen Nicole name posted on this blog since she was nice/nasty in the comment section a few months ago

  • iscream

    SMH. I hope Necole comes in here and puts this bs in order. Maybe this picture was taken as a play on the rumor of them being a couple. This twitter mess is getting out of control.

    Necole, I'm sure you're reading our comments. You seem like a cool ass chick. Ive read how you worked your way to the top. Don't let a little access, alcohol and ass ruin what you worked so hard to build. I know you feel as long as people are talking its a good thing but if pictures are starting to go around its more than talk.

  • yvonne79

    WHOA, CHARLES!!!!! Pump your breaks homie...Slow your roll for real. Let's make this ABSOLUTELY clear:


    I don't have any control over the decisions grown ass folks elect to do. That is what my comment(#31)was stating. As far as going to a club and taking a man home, sweetheart I don't get down like that. If another woman chooses to do so, again, that's their business. Don't try to lump me into your damn categories based on a comment you obviously didn't read. Got me twisted!!!

  • a_queen81

    Stop being messy Sandra. That girl can kiss Trey if she wants too. Hell I'd kiss his ass too. Unless the DL rumors are true LOL. But hell, to each his own. Leave the girl alone. What celeb would you kiss if you had the opportunity?--I bet there are few.

  • Coo Coo Bananas

    Today just ain't Necole's day. There's actually a diss record out against her.

    I'm not mad over the IMPLIED kiss lol. I'm mad that it looks like Trey's got tart breath. THAT'S WHAT BREAKS MY HEART!!! LOL.

  • Daisy

    Charles I don't know what you do for a living never felt the need to really think about it. I was being funny in my earlier comment did not mean to offend you if that is/was the case.

    AIDS/HIV is real and within our community and I do hope everybody not just the person at hand is wrapping it up!

    @Ice I agree I like NB as well very well said.

  • Daisy

    Sandra as many chicks as Russell is rumored to be knocking down every other day he cant say SHYT!

  • iscream

    I was just about to say.


    If you got the chance to get with Tarajii you wouldn't kiss her?

    And unless the two people in a relationship are both virgins then we all are sleeping with each others past.

    & I think you would kiss Tarajii and then post it yourself to beat the other bloggers to the punch, lol.

  • Charles

    @34 she's a habitual drunk driver a promiscuous whore and a industry ho! Trey songz is probably one of many!!!!

  • mizzdallas

    @ #41

    How do you know this...?

  • Bird

    I don't read Necole's blog but maybe I should start. I don't care who she kisses, screws, whatever, but if she can get up close and personal with the celebs that means she can get to that juicy scoop. That's all I care about when it comes to bloggers.

  • LadyJustice

    dang charles do u know necole personally? seems like u are a little bitter

  • mizzdallas

    OMG! there is a diss song about her NB! sounds like a gay azz rapper... it is NOT this serious!

  • Daisy

    @Bird I like her blog. She won't go in hard on the A folks cause she lives here thats always her excuse but she will do what she can.

  • katgirl33

    I don't see no tongue Auntie!

    Who cares about this trick anyways??? You ain't got to f**k for no information....


  • LB

    funny thing about this is when the pic first hit twitter, the first thing outta everyones keyboard was "watch Sandra try to talk sh*t." ur becoming so perdictable lol

  • Charles


    her tweets


    " I HAD 2 shots hope i can drive OK"

    I confrotned her and like a scary ass hoe she blocked me she couldnt take!!!!!!!


    No if i knew hed id call the cops on her as sopon as i saw her leave the club a DUI would go great for her wannabe CELERITY

  • iscream

    @ LB or anyone

    Whose twitter page posted these. Trey, Necole or some random person?

  • LadyJustice

    missjia and lilduval posted the pics i linked in the other post, not sure about the one in this post

  • musicluvher

    LOL @ Charles

  • lnp03

    The picture was taken the other day backstage at Birthday Bash. It was just an innocent photo. Trey is very handsome. They make a cute couple even though they are NOT a couple.

  • lnp03

    LOL at the crying baby pic next to my login name.

  • dblaq

    Oh ok, so just because a chick said she didn't sleep with somebody or she got cob web's it automatically means she is telling the truth

    Just like dudes lie on their d**ks, women do the exact same but trying to pretend that their hoo ha is sacred when indeed it gets more traffic than Google!!

  • Daisy

    So like she said ppl r going to want to believe what they want no matter what she says Trey said he didn't smash as well db

  • LB

    lilduval first posted thm @iscream

  • dblaq

    Daisy. I don't believe neither simply because that is what people do. Jay and Beyonce said they weren't an item but what happen. All these companies said that nobody has to worry about a thing and then 5 days later they filed bankruptcy. So you can take people's "word" only with grain of salt. I personally don't believe ish people say!


    Sandra said: "I hope Necole understands that f***ing Trey Songz means she’s f***ing every chick (or man) that Trey Songz has laid up with. Who’s next on her list? Will she be Lil Wayne’s baby mama #5? Ewww."

    --Damn Sandra, if that wasn't a low blow. That's
    f--ked up, but I'm mad 'cause she's the one kissing Trey and not me. Get it BOO(NB)!!!!!

    But I'ma contine to sit back and wait and c what will unfold between you and NB.

  • 2bme

    I like Necole..if this is true she gets a FAIL..trey is cute but there is better

  • ChokLitFactory

    LoL Sandra! Did ya'll fall out or is this just a subtle jab?

    Necole, I ain't mad atcha, everything that can be said bout Trey has been said in this post.
    And Necole STAY on Twitter too!

  • iscream

    Thanks lb and others.

    I agree 2bme i didn't want to say it because he has a lot of fans here but if you are trying to get a come up. You should at least fvck with someone who has the abilty to pull you up. Trey is still trying to climb the ladder he can't afford to pull anyone else up right now.

    She would be better fvcking with dirty d!ck Wanye.

  • Lisa

    This is SO not a good look on Necole's part.
    A lot of bloggers may not be as cute as Necole, but I bet they'll be taken more seriously. She seems to be a very sweet girl that has quickly become caught up in the celebrity life. Take some steps back babygirl and remember you're a blogger posting the stories and you shouldn't be the subject matter unless someone is talking about how wonderful your rise to the blogging world came to be.

    There is a double standard in blogging because Perez is chummy with a lot of the people he writes about, but he's gay and for some reason that's considered safe, but Necole is an attractive young woman who will quickly be labeled as something she swears she's not. Every picture I saw of these two were nice, they looked like a couple there is chemistry.

    Like someone said earlier you worked hard Necole this picture may be very innocent, but it looks skanky. Keep your credibility and professionalism. A quick hug, a pic standing up you haven't been blogging that long!!! They will offer you free drinks, trips on their private jets, VIP access keep it professional and that's from the heart.

  • dmgeorge

    @ Lisa
    I couldn't of said it better....

  • Krysi J

    well I ain hating on NB, he seems like a good catch!! And besides just cause they are kissing doesn't mean they are fukking yet!!?? Sandra whatever experience you have with men must be ALL bad. They'll wait for you in some cases, if you are trully who they want....if they won't wait, there isn't any interest there. You don't have to drop your panties on the first date to keep a man....most women have a 3-6 month waiting period, but I have known for men to wait a year......... most of those types will wait to sex you while they are sexing another in the mean time though.

  • aikandy

    It look like he was forcing a kiss on her in a joking type of way....where is necole today? Why hasnt she responded yet?

    NECOLLLLLE......I know you aint ducking wreck, get in here and set the ppl straight lady!!

  • flyqtnva

    DAMN...DAMN...DAMN...throwing my trey songz cd's away... :( :(

  • flyqtnva

    I bet she is cute with that 50 pounds of make up she always wear...can we see her w/o the face beat just saying....i passed out when I saw the real GAGA w/no makeup...damn shame how they trick people like :)