Barack Hussein Obama was dissed majorly by the Russians during his trip to Russia a couple of weeks ago. It seems the Russians aren't as impressed with Obama as he is, and they demonstrated their displeasure by refusing to shake his hand.

But did we hear a peep about this presidential snub in the pro-Obama left wing news media? I didn't. But thanks to the magic of video, the snub is preserved in posterity forever.

Thanks to loyal reader Shaniece for the link!

Rihanna looked HAWT in a grey tunic dress yesterday as she waited for her bulldog publicist to hail a cab in NYC.

While we still think actress Lindsay Lohan is an attention whore who needs help with her drinking problem, We LOVE her sense of style! Only Lindsay can top Rihanna in the footwear department. Her boots and sandals are always on point!

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If a network talk show host can be described as an unabashed attention whore, that would be Glenn Beck. Beck stuck his foot in his mouth when he referred to Barack Hussein Obama as a racist on Fox and Friends yesterday. His outburst makes no sense when you consider that Obama is half white and probably hates his black side more than he does the white one.

Beck will probably have to answer to Fox network brass for putting them in the uncomfortable position of having to distance themselves from his remarks. But don't expect Beck to be fired or even reprimanded any time soon. Beck has attracted millions of viewers to his show on Fox News since he made the jump from CNN in January. By the way, pro-Obama CNN sits at the bottom of the network news rankings.

Should a mere mortal be allowed to approach and touch the queen Rihanna in this manner? Where is her bodyguard? They say that while Rihanna ate dinner at Cipriani's in NYC last night, her ex-boyfriend (and now stalker?) Chris Brown dined directly across the street. That makes two near misses in the past few days. As you know, RiRi and Brown stayed in the same hotel over the weekend, though Rihanna denies knowing he was there.

Friends say pseudo-singer Ciara moved from Atlanta to the west coast to make herself more accessible to the paparazzi. Unfortunately for her, the paparazzi are only interested in A-listers, not frauds like her. So I hear that Ciara's people are forced to call the paps to let them know where she'll be -- and Ciara waits around for hours until the paps finally arrive. How pitiful.

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Has anyone else noticed how close Rihanna and her bodyguard seem to be getting lately? Last night, Rihanna couldn't resist latching onto her bodyguard's hand as the two left a party for her friend Katy Perry. For his part, her protector looked dumbstruck. Like he wasn't expecting her to reveal their secret so soon. The chemistry between them can no longer be denied. Expect an announcement any day now. Meanwhile, Jay Z might want to have a talk with his hired help about fraternizing with the client.

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The Real Foreclosed And Bankrupt Housewives of Atlanta road show rolled into Atlanta last night for a premiere party at the W Hotel. The guests who attended the event are the types who slow down and crawl past multiple car pile ups on the highway. Never mind that by the time they get to the wreckage there's nothing left to see because the mangled bodies have been covered up or transported to the hospital.

In the case of the road show at the W Hotel last night, the bodies were still there for all to see. But instead of being covered in blood, they were draped in designer rags (with the tags still attached). In every picture they grinned and primped and preened -- all the while hoping not to spill anything on their designer rags so everything can go back to the boutique for a full refund.

It was harder deciding who to feel sorry for: the "housewives" who think they're celebrities because they display their dysfunctional lives on national TV for the world to see, or the well-heeled guests who flocked to the road show to sweat out their perms so they could have something to tell their friends.

I won't be watching the Real Foreclosed and Bankrupt Housewives Of Atlanta when it premieres because I don't find scripted ghetto buffoonery entertaining at all. But the show will probably garner high ratings because, sadly, we're in a recession and the hoodrats have a need to escape into a world where the ghetto fabulous hoodrats on TV are more pitiful than they are.

Tameka Cottle turned heads with her HAWT Louis Vuitton bag! It's a shame when another reality TV star outshines you at your own party


Tameka Cottle, left, and Antonia Carter, stars of The Tiny and Toya Show, already have the highest rated reality series in BET history

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TV personality and socialite Kim Kardashian is slamming rumors that she and longtime boyfriend Reggie Bush broke up because she couldn't have kids. So the rumors must be true then, eh? I figure if the rumors weren't true she wouldn't be so salty about such false allegations.

Here's what Kim K wrote on her blog yesterday:

“It’s been reported online that I can’t have children of my own and that’s totally false. I said I would love to have my own children. If I weren’t able to then adopting might be an option. How does that translate into I cannot have kids!? If you read anything online saying I can’t have children, those are totally false stories. Some media outlets are just taking what I said to and twisting it!”

Pseudo-celebrity attention whores are such weirdos.

Photo: Wireimage/Getty

The Velvet Room was the spot to be on Sunday night! Celebrities and pretty ladies packed the Velvet Room to party with Diddy, who celebrated the birthday of his first daughter earlier that day. Photos by Prince Williams/

Diddy celebrated the birthday of his first daughter Chance with her mom Sarah Chapman

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According to online reports, federal agents, armed with search warrants, raided Dr. Conrad Murray's Las Vegas home today. As you know, Dr. Murray is the last person to see pop icon Michael Jackson alive before Jackson died of a heart attack on June 25.

Police believe Dr. Murray fell asleep after infusing Jackson with IV Diprivan (Propofol) and then awoke to find Jackson dead.

Diprivan is a potent short-acting sedative used to induce anesthesia in a hospital setting. Patients receiving Diprivan intravenously should be carefully monitored for a drop in blood pressure/and or decreased respiratory rate that could lead to respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.

It is recommended that Diprivan be administered slowly to prevent a dangerous drop in blood pressure. The rate of infusion should ideally be controlled by an IV machine or Diprivan can be titrated slowly by hand. But under no circumstance should the patient be left alone while the IV is infusing.

Diprivan is not available by prescription, therefore, the feds are searching for the source of the drug and how it came into Dr. Murray's possession.

According to, feds also served a search warrant on a storage facility in Houston where associates of Dr. Murray stored files and other items. Dr. Murray's staff removed items from the storage locker the day Jackson died.


Loyal reader Slim writes:


I'm a regular visitor to your website and usually I don't agree with what you write.. .especially about Beyonce:-)

But, lately I have opened my eyes to what's really going on with the Obama administration. Yes, I have stopped drinking the kool aid:-). I remember last year I couldn't wait to vote for him and did everything I could to get him in the office. I volunteered many weekends for his cause because I did believe he was the change we needed.

Well, here I am today wondering why people easily forget that the same rule that applied in the past still exist today just with a black face on it.

He's not to blame but people really need to see who is behind the curtain pulling his strings. I am no longer voting for either party because it really don't matter.

Oh by the way, I am originally from Kenya but a citizen of the U.S... so please let your readers know that I'm not an old white lady upset because he is black.

Thanks for opening my eyes about Obama.

Please lay off Beyonce:-)


Loyal reader Sarah wrote:

Hi. Ms. Rose,

I came across a great article about what a fraud Skip Gates's kind of lengthy but I thought you may be interested in it.

Also I don't know if you are familiar with the blog Whataboutourdaughters but she has a great critique of Gates on her blog too.

I was on the side of Gates, but after reading your blog and both articles it is clear to me that Gates is an opportunist to put it lightly. I have no doubt that he escalated the situation with the officer in order to make a point and get some attention.

He'll probably turn this into a money making opportunity in the form of a book or some racial profiling documentary.

Anyway thanks again for putting a different perspective out there.



Due to popular demand, the release date for Whitney Houston's 6th studio CD "I Look To You" has been moved up to August 31st, according to a label press release! You can also download the full HQ single on Whitney's website until July 31st!

The final track listing is as follows:

    1. Million Dollar Bill

    2. Nothin' But Love

    3. Call You Tonight

    4. I Look To You

    5. Like I Never Left (feat. Akon)

    6. A Song For You

    7. I Didn't Know My Own Strength

    8. Worth It

    9. For The Lovers

    10. I Got You

    11. Salute

Source: Sheri Ladner | Sony Music Group

Yesterday, loyal reader pointhimout left this comment under one of my Obama posts:

My understanding is the underlying purpose of this obamacare is population control.

She's right, and that means she's doing her research (unlike you Kool Aide drinkers). It's right there in the 1,000 page House version of the Health Care Reform bill. Obamacare bureaucrats will make sound medical decisions for all Americans -- not medical personnel, but government bureaucrats.

Someone once said: The true measure of a man can be found by who they associate themselves with.

John Holdren, Barack Obama's "Science Czar" co-wrote a book about 30 years ago advocating forced abortions and mass sterilizations as a form of population control. The book is called Ecoscience and you can find it on This guy Holdren is one of the bureaucrats who will make medical decisions for us if ObamaCare passes.

Contained within the book Ecoscience are numerous radical references to population control:

  • Forcibly and unknowingly sterilizing the entire population by adding infertility drugs to the nation’s water and food supply.
  • Forcibly removing babies from "undesirables" and putting them up for adoption
  • Legalizing “compulsory abortions,” ie forced abortions carried out against the will of the pregnant women, as is already common place in Communist China
  • Permanently sterilizing people who the authorities deem have already had too many children or who have contributed to “general social deterioration”. (that would be YOU hoodrats)

And here's a direct quote form the book:

“Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”

Once the blogs got hold of Holdren's book, the White House immediately released a statement from Holdren denying that he still embraces those ideals.

Do you believe Holdren and the White House denials? These are the facts: Holdren co-wrote the book Ecoscience. He studied the practice of Eugenics (improving the population through controlled breeding). You can find Ecoscience on

Do you really believe that Holdren no longer embraces those population control ideals because he now works for the Obama administration?

Please take the time to read the health care reform bill for yourself before Obama rams it through Congress.


Yesterday, Cambridge police released the tapes of the 911 call that set up the confrontation between a Harvard professor and a cop that made national headlines.

Contrary to media reports, the caller did not mention the race of the two men that a neighbor thought she saw breaking into professor Henry Louis "Skip" Gates' Harvard-owned house on July 16. She also didn't mention the word "backpacks" during the call.

Most of you probably never would have heard about this local matter if Barack Obama had not decided to make a racial issue out of it without knowing any of the facts.

The police reports posted on clearly shows a belligerent, pompous Skip Gates verbally abusing Sgt. James Crowley for doing his job. "Do You know who I am?" Gates shouted when Crowley asked to see his ID to prove he resided at that address.

When Sgt. Crowley informed Gates that he was investigating a possible break-in at that address, Gates asked, "Why, because I'm a black man in America?" Gates also demanded to know if Sgt. Crowley knew who he was messing with. Witnesses would later say it was almost as if Gates wanted to be arrested.

Gates heaped verbal abuse on Sgt. Crowley, calling him a racist for doing his job. Gates even hurled an insult at Sgt. Crowley's mother as he followed the officer outside and onto the porch. If anyone was exhibiting racist behavior it was Gates.

Obama didn't know any of these facts before sticking his foot in his mouth by referring to the Cambridge police as "acting stupidly."

Maybe Gates prefers that police not investigate any more calls of possible break-ins at at his home.