Actress Halle Berry was spotted doing some midnight shopping at Bristol Farms in West Hollywood last night. Some celebrities are taking this Dirty Couture look too far, don’t you think? I mean, the whole idea behind the Dirty Couture fashion trend is to give the illusion of dirt by adding a subtle hint of color. But it looks like Halle’s sperm donor, Gabe Aubrey, used her jeans to change the oil on his car!

Please don’t try this look at home. Only celebrities can get away with looking this ridiculous!

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From Toya’s World:

According to one of Beyonce’s dancers Ashley Everett (via Twitter), Beyonce WILL be performing at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Sept 13th. I heard about this over the weekend and was waiting on official confirmation. I guess, maybe it is one of those ’surprise’ guest performances, the ones that don’t get any official confirmation until the last minute? Sort of like Britney Spears and the 2007 VMAs, although that had to be one of the worst kept secrets in musical history.

Over the weekend I heard from a well-connected industry insider who confided in me that Usher, 30, and Def Jam executive Grace Miguel, 42, are still an item. My source said Usher is “very much in love” with Grace, and he flies to NYC frequently to be with her.

According to my source, Usher’s estranged wife, Tameka Foster ex-Glover ex-Raymond, 40, is very unhappy that another older woman is now rocking Usher’s world.

I guess Tameka forgot that Usher is still working through serious Oedipus Complex issues from his childhood. And until those issues are resolved, he will forever seek out older women as sexual surrogates for his mother. Men like Usher, with unresolved childhood issues, do not make suitable husbands or boyfriends.

My source says Tameka has made Grace’s life a living hail. Somehow, Tameka got ahold of Grace’s personal cell and home numbers and has been harassing the poor marketing exec to the point where she has had to change her numbers at least twice.

There is also a standing order at Def Jam for security to keep an eye out for Tameka, who has been warned to stay away from Def Jam property. Security has been ordered to call the police if Tameka is seen anywhere near Def Jam’s New York offices. Word is that Tameka called L.A. Reid repeatedly demanding to know why Grace has not been fired for wrecking her marriage.

You’re probably asking why Grace hasn’t taken out a restraining order on Tameka yet. I was told that a restraining order would only bring more negative publicity to Usher who is struggling to portray himself as a single bachelor in the hopes of reviving fan interest in his next album.

The source says Grace “ain’t no punk,” and can handle herself quite well if Tameka steps to her. But Tameka is a coward who always cons her loyal friends into doing her dirty work for her. Meanwhile, Grace is said to be still married to music executive Lou Miguel of Box Fresh productions.

My source also cleared up the rumors of a reality show in the works for Tameka. He said Tameka has spoken with execs at BET who politely passed on her show. VH1 execs also declined, and MTV refused to even see Tameka! “I don’t know who she met with down there in Atlanta,” said my source. “But she’s already been turned down by all the networks.”

My source said that when Tameka floated the idea of a possible reality show to Usher, he flatly refused to appear in the show. Usher also refused to allow his children to appear in the show. The networks have no interest in Tameka or her show because they fear retaliation by Usher, who has an album about to drop. They don’t want to jeopardize their good relationships with the R&B crooner.

Without Usher or the children’s participation, Tameka’s hopes for a reality show are dead in the water.

I also hear that one of the biggest PR mavens in NYC has declined Tameka’s request to help her revamp her image after Usher. Although the two women remain friends, the PR Diva is telling friends that Tameka — whose money is a little tight until her divorce is finalized — can’t afford her PR services. Ouch!

Yes, Virginia, there is a black vampire — and he’s a sexy one too! 28-year-old Mehcad Brooks hit the jackpot when he was cast as “Eggs” Benedict Talley in HBO’s True Blood. If Mehcad looks familiar it’s because you’ve probably seen him in the swimming flick Glory Road, and cast opposite Tia Mowry in CW’s defunct The Game in 2008. He also appeared on ABC’s Desperate Housewives.

Mehcad has brains and brawn. Plus, he’s a former male model with no suspicious down low activity reported on his background check. Get in where you fit in ladies!

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Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck returns to the air today after taking what some insiders say was a forced week’s vacation.

The Glenn Beck Show, FOX News Channel’s 2nd most popular show, was hit with a mass exodus of advertisers after he commented that Barack Hussein Obama was a racist with “a deep-seated hatred for white people.”

FOX News Channel immediately distanced itself from Beck’s inflammatory remarks, but that was not enough as dozens of advertisers jumped ship. Last week FOX asked Beck to take a break from the show until things cooled down.

To date, 33 major advertisers has asked FOX to reassign their ads to other FOX shows. Beck uttered his inflammatory comment about Obama on another FOX show on July 28, despite the fact that Obama is half white.

A spokesman for Clorox, the maker of bleach products, said in a statement, “we do not want to be associated with inflammatory speech used by either liberal or conservative talk show hosts.”

The week before his vacation, Beck pulled the highest ratings ever for his show — 2.4 million viewers per day. FOX spokeswoman Irena Briganti said FOX News Channel has not lost any revenue as a result of the boycott of Beck’s show.


Dr. Brian Day, the former President of the Canadian Medical Association, appeared on the O’Reilly Factor on Thursday to give Americans a better understanding of Canada’s free health system that includes rationed medical care.

Dr. Day explained why there aren’t enough doctors for Canadian citizens:

We rank 26 out of 28 in the developed countries as far as doctors to population. It’s part of the mechanism of rationing that has to happen when you promise to deliver everything and don’t have enough resources.

And here’s what he said about those long lines of patients waiting for medical care in Canada, which explains why so many well-to-do Canadians come to the U.S. to seek treatment.:

We have over a million people waiting for surgery and probably another million waiting to see their specialist before they get to wait for the surgery.


Barack Hussein Obama virtually ignored the National Day of Prayer ceremonies back in May because it was Christian based. But on Thurday, he sent out a 5 minute long Ramadan Blessing “on behalf of the American people.”

Obama’s blessing to Muslims during Ramadan was translated into 5 Muslim languages on the White House blog. Why are surprised? After all, Barack Hussein Obama has already declared America a Muslim country.

Obama claims to be a Christian even though he hasn’t joined a church since he was elected. And here I always thought a true Christian would never put another religion above his own.