Millions of James Cameron fans crashed a website last week hoping to be the first to win tickets to preview his decade-in-the making film Avatar. The movie is a blend of sci-fi and animated fantasy that looks like a ridiculous joke. Cameron can't be serious.

The movie is 40% real life and 60% CGI, which makes the characters look deformed and very cartoonish. A decade in the making and this is the best they could come up with? Avatar, starring Sigourney Weaver, is scheduled for release in theaters in December.

Loyal reader and community member Leslie writes:

Hey Auntie Sandra,

The girl with Usher is his niece, Morgan. Tameka's sister is her mom. She is a student at CAU. I've known her since she was a little girl. She's just a kid (she just turned 21 the other day) so don't let your readers tear her apart.


A loyal SR fan!


Loyal reader Carmen wrote:

Hey Sandra,

I was just reading your post on Tyra's "natural hair", and reader Shaynamorre is exactly right. After some research, I discovered a website that was profiled by Wendy Williams. If you look at the attached picture (below) from the website, it is the same part as Tyra's. Now I'm not saying that this is the wig that she is wearing, but it is damn close.

Keep doing what you do!


SR responds: Why can't that just be Tyra's real part in her hair?

According to loyal reader G. Brown, Beyonce's tour manager and cousin -- some idiot named Marlon Beyince, went in on Rihanna today on his Twitter page. The coward quickly deleted the tweets after posting them.

He then twittered: "God please dont let me get in trouble for my tweets Lmfao!!!!!"

What a dork! Fortunately,'s servers are very slow and it takes days for the tweets to be deleted completely from all the servers. So you can see see his tweets by clicking his name below.

Here's what the moron Twittered on his page:

Rhianna - Roc Nation's/Def Jam's *Cassie*......Terrible voice, Sub Par Dancing, Nude Photos, Shaved Head... Rhianna's just more successful

Is it me or i think The *good ole Jay could of found SOMEBODY else to sing the hook on this song....She sound like a cat hurt in the alley

Awww, poor Julius. The Croatian authorities arrested Beyonce's bodyguard, full name Julius Hollander, today on charges of assaulting a paparazzi and destroying his personal property. Authorities temporarily stripped Beyonce, Jay Z and Julius of their passports before ejecting Julius from the country.

The incident occurred on Tuesday night when Beyonce and Jay Z dined at Dubrovnik restaurant Gil's. As the couple left, Julius clashed with overzealous paparazzi who had assembled outside. Julius aimed a flashlight at the cameras hoping to disrupt their flashes. When that trick didn't work, he got into a physical altercation with one of the paps.

That pap, Dragana Banovica, filed a police complaint against Julius claiming the brawny bodyguard assaulted him and threw his camera equipment into the sea.

A video that was posted to the Internet Wednesday morning shows the pap aggressively hitting Julius with a large tripod stand, the type that's used to hold large video cameras. Julius reacted by throwing the heavy tripod into the water.

The police caught up with Beyonce, Jay Z and Julius, their lone bodyguard, on a private island off Korcula in Croatia. Julius was arrested and all 3 had their passports stripped temporarily.

Julius appeared in court today where he spent about two hours in front of a judge. He was accompanied by a Croatian lawyer and translators. He pleaded guilty to reduced charges of public disorder and disturbance of the peace before being ejected from the country.

I blame Jay Z and Beyonce for this. When you are an international star worth millions, you can't be cheap and only hire one bodyguard. Even money-grubbing Sean Combs (as stingy as he is) takes a small army of bodyguards with him when he leaves the country. Hopefully Jay Z and Beyonce will learn from this incident. It could have been much worse.

R&B singer Usher, who is going through a messy divorce from his husband estranged wife Tameka Foster, was spotted partying at Primal Nightclub Tuesday night. The photographer didn't realize Usher was in the house until the DJ made an announcement.

I was told not to say that the chick with Usher is his girlfriend, so I won't. But I will say that they were quite cosy in a darkened corner of the otherwise empty VIP area. Sources tell me the young lady sat in a sofa chair while Ush sat on the arm of the chair, his right leg overlapping hers. As the photographer approached, she quickly stood up.

The photographer snapped this photo just as Usher vigorously shooed him away. The photog was only able to squeeze off this one shot of Usher and his friend, who clearly has never experienced the wrath of Tameka. She looks so innocent and has no idea what she's in for.

Usher definitely did not want to be seen. But why? He's a soon-to-be divorced man. He has nothing to hide.

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A rough looking Halle Berry took in a WNBA basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles yesterday. She's definitely seen better days. The WNBA players looked more feminine than she did.
Photo: Splash News Online

I'm only posting this pic because Monica is in it.


Disgraced singer Chris Brown posed on a video set with Omarion, Keri Hilson, Monica and producer Polow Da Don in L.A. last night.
Photo: Splash News Online

Could one-hit wonder Cassie be the next Rihanna? Only in her dreams. Cassie stepped out last night to attend the New York screening of "The September Issue" with her man Sean Combs (though they walked in separately). Did I tell you that Cassie's family and friends have no clue why she's with a man old enough to be her uncle?
Photo: Ray Tamarra/ Getty Images

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By now you've all seen the photo of Canadian rapper Drake allegedly being "serviced" by one of his tricks that's floating around the Internets. We can't post the photo because this is a family oriented blog and we hold ourselves to a higher standard. But, didn't I tell you that Drake was a butt surfer?

According to an inside source, Drake is really tight with his 3 member entourage that's comprised of two white guys and a Filipino. He spends all of his time at home and on the road with his boys. One of the guys in Drake's entourage -- a dude nicknamed "Forty" or "40" -- is alleged to be Drake's undercover lover.

I say "alleged" so please don't quote me on this. While perusing Drake's Myspace page, I found this photo of Drake with his boy Forty. Can you tell which one is the "bottom" in the relationship?

Loyal reader Randi wrote:

I'm a democrat, but I believe in being fair. I read your site on a regular basis and while reading your Obama/Hitler post, I noticed a few commenters who said no one did that to former President Bush. However, if they did their research before typing, they'd know that the SAME EXACT GROUP also referred to him (Bush) as Hitler with the posters and everything, also. I saw it just now on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" during his opening segment tonight. You should try finding it on Youtube and post it for the naysayers and non-believers.

I voted for President Obama and support him for the most part (as I try to do with all Presidents until they prove they don't deserve it), but people go overboard with the whining about how he's being treated differently when, oftentimes, he's not. As they love to post "Let google be your friend"