The United States, specifically the Obama administration, Office of Homeland Security and the State department, admitted failure over the terror plot to blow up a commercial airliner.

Hours after Obama took office in January and began his Muslim apology tour by pandering to the middle east, we predicted there would be an increase in unprecedented terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, attempted to detonate a Semtex (PETN) bomb sewed into his underwear while on board a Northwest airlines jet bound for Detroit on Christmas Day.

4 days previously, Al Qaeda terrorists in Yemen released a tape bragging about the Christmas Day bomb and basically giving authorities the heads up. On Nov. 19, Abdulmutallab’s father, a former Nigerian banker, alerted the State department of his son’s extremist views and his threat to America. All signs of the impending disaster were ignored.

It later emerged the Nigerian was on a US watchlist of terror suspects but was not on a “no-fly” list and had a visa to enter the country. [link]

Janet Napolitano, Obama’s secretary of Homeland Security came under fire yesterday for asserting the “system worked.” By late afternoon, she claimed her words were taken out of context. Here is the text of Napalitano’s words:

What we are focused on is making sure that the air environment remains safe, that people are confident when they travel. And one thing I’d like to point out is that the system worked. Everybody played an important role here. The passengers and crew of the flight took appropriate action.

While U.S. president Barack Obama wastes time and money trying to overhaul a health care system that doesn’t require overhauling, his state department ignores terrorists on “watch lists” that should be on “no-fly” lists, especially after 9/11.

When questioned about the ignored watch lists, the only explanation White House press secretary Robert Gibbs could come up with was that the watch lists were put in place by the previous Bush administration. Is that some kind of excuse?

The rules on the lists have been in place since 2006. The Obama administration has been in office since January. If the rules on transferring people from watch lists to no-fly lists are a problem, shouldn’t that have been a higher priority than, say, revamping the entire American health-care system or pushing cap-and-trade bills? It seems like a bigger priority than flying to Copenhagen twice and coming home empty-handed both times, once on climate change and once on the Olympics. Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t have to worry about flying with radical jihadis from Nigeria when he travels abroad. Read More…

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you can’t bow down to terrorists, you can’t appease terrorists and you certainly cannot ignore them.

Drudge Report has a breaking news story involving an emergency situation underway at US president Barack Obama’s rented villa in Hawaii. according to Drudge:

Obama leaves golf abruptly for ‘personal matter’; ambulance speeds to first family’s compound… DEVELOPING…


According to Drudge, the “emergency” is alleged to be a “minor injury” to a “family friend,” which is probably Secret Service code for something major. We doubt the president would stop playing golf to rush home in a motorcade with police escort, running red lights with sirens blaring because a family friend stubbed his toe.

We’ll keep you updated as news develops.

While US President Barack Obama vacations in Hawaii, the White House is scrambling to explain why terrorism policies put into place by the Bush administration are being largely ignored by the Obama administration.

According to ABC News:

“Brian Jenkins, who studies terrorism for the Rand Corporation, says there were more terror incidents (12), including thwarted plots, on U.S. soil in 2009 than in any year since 2001. The jihadists don’t seem to like Americans any better because we’re closing down Guantanamo.”

My regular readers will recall that predicted this would happen when US president Barack Obama revealed his true colors after taking office. It was clear form the beginning that Obama sympathized with Muslim terrorists (notice I use those words together and not separately?).

When Obama took office in January, he announced plans to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay Cuba because he was concerned that the civil rights of those murderous terrorists were being violated.

He also drafted a love letter to the Muslim leader of Iran, and gave his first major interview as president — not to a U.S. news network — but to a Muslim network based in Saudi Arabia. All the while denying he was Muslim.

Obama’s primary mission seemed to be to remake the image of Muslim terrorists in the eyes of Americans. The Obama administration even laughably extended invitations to Iranian Diplomats to enjoy hot dogs and burgers on 4th of July (the administration later rescinded the invites).

Yet none of this raised red flags amongst enthusiastic Kool Aid drinkers. But now that the lives of Americans are being threatened on an ever increasing basis, Kool Aid drinkers are sitting up and taking notice.

The question being asked is why didn’t the (Obama) state department take into account a father’s warning that his son might be a danger to the U.S.? We’re not talking any ordinary father here, we’re talking about a former official with the Nigerian government!

The state department employee who took the father’s call, added the son’s name to a terror watch list. Yet Northwest Airlines bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was approved for a travel VISA to the U.S. anyway.

Still, Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told the world media “the system worked.”

According to The Washington Post, “White House officials struggled to explain the complicated system of centralized terrorist data and watch lists, stressing that they were put in place years ago by the Bush administration.”

So because the checks and balances system was put in place by the Bush administration, the soft Obama administration has virtually ignored them?


No question, this was not a good year to be pop singer Chris Brown. He started off the year with a bang with a world tour that sold out everywhere. Brown and his then girlfriend Rihanna were considered royalty to the paparazzi who couldn’t get enough of them. The cute couple were set to perform their hits on the Grammy Awards in February when tragedy struck.

Brown was accused of beating, punching and kicking Rihanna in the pre-dawn hours of February 9, 2009 following a pre-Grammy party. Then “acquired” a police evidence photo of a bruised and bleeding Rihanna. The public backlash against Chris Brown was immediate and the course of Brown’s career was altered forever

Both artists released albums late in the year and Rihanna’s album, Rated R, topped Chris’ album ‘Graffiti’ in sales almost 2-1. Graffiti debuted at #7 selling a meager 107,000 copies — a total flop by todays industry standards.

Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ came in at #3 with robust sales of 181,000 in the first week. Brown was expected to best Rihanna’s sales as he rode a groundswell of sympathy from his fans who believed that cock and bull story about Rihanna hitting him first (a man should never hit a female under any circumstance).

Additionally, Brown received nearly unprecedented pre-sales national network press coverage following appearances on CNN’s Larry King Live and Good Morning America. As a result, Brown was expected to best Rihanna’s first week sales by at least 200,000 copies.

Brown’s numbers were so shocking that the “Run It” singer went into a tailspin. His poor impulse control got the best of him and he experienced a melt down on social micro-blogging site, blaming his poor sales on WalMart not stocking his album (a complete lie).

Brown’s record label had no choice but to force him to shut down his Twitter page. His reputation is so irreparably damaged that rumor has it Brown will be dropped from his record label after the first of the year.


Entertainment mogul Nick Cannon felt some kind of way about my post last week on the size of his feet. I imagine that men can get a little sensitive on the subject of their size. Nick, who is vacationing in Aspen with his wife Mariah Carey, took time out from his vacation to tweet the following message on

Well, I asked around and no one could recall hearing about Nick being a legend in the streets (or the sheets for that matter).

One Twitterer responded that Nick Cannon was a legend on Sesame Street. But maybe Nick wasn’t referring to his shoe size in that tweet?

So I sent Nick a message on Twitter asking for Photo verification of his claims. But so far, I have not received word back from him.

The picture wasn’t Photoshopped and anyone with eyes can see how tiny Nick’s feet are. So unless they make a size 12 for boys, this case is closed.

Mariah stepped out without Nick to do a little shopping on Christmas eve in Aspen.

Does Barbadian pop singer Rihanna have a bad case of the crabs?

If her bikini was too tight, maybe she should have slipped into a bikini more appropriate for her ample assets?

The Superstar could not resist digging for gold while vacationing with her family in Barbados over the Christmas holiday even with children in full view.

Troubled rapper/producer Kanye West spent the weekend in LA with his boyfriend, er, I mean manly girlfriend Amber Rose. I honestly didn’t mean to type “boyfriend” but you can easily see how I would make that mistake, can’t you? Kamber were spotted shopping and taking in a movie at The Grove in LA yesterday.

Click here to read more

Talk show Diva Tyra Banks is biting Oprah again after Oprah made a headline grabbing announcement that her popular talk show would end its run in 2011 (two years from now).

Tyra, who has been accused of biting Oprah’s ideas such as her popular “favorite things” show, is now announcing the end of The Tyra Show.

“This will be the last season of The Tyra Show,” Banks tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years.”

Wrapping at the end of its fifth season in the spring of 2010, it will be lights out for the show that brought viewers memorable weave-exposing, cellulite-revealing and tear-jerking moments.

Banks will focus on the launch of Bankable Studios, a N.Y.-based film production company currently reviewing possible projects. Sticking to her mission, Banks aims to bring “positive images of women to the big screen,” says an industry insider.

“My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are,” Banks says. Read More…

Apparently, Tyra misses life in general and is tired of the daily grind of a TV talk show. There’s no mention of her ratings as the primary reason for her show’s ending.

The world media assembles outside the posh, multi-million dollar former London residence residence of terrorist bomber

For some reason, the world media has decided to connect US president Barack Obama with the Nigerian terrorist who attempted to bring down an American airliner with a semtex bomb strapped to his thighs last week.

The suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23-year-old son of a wealthy former Nigerian banking official, was arrested and charged with attempting to detonate a bomb on board Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas Day as it approached Detroit for a landing. Abdulmutallab tried to light an explosive strapped to his thighs by injecting a liquid detonator into it. But the bomb didn’t explode as expected. Instead, the flaming liquid dripped under the seat setting the man’s legs and the carpeting on fire.

Passengers said they saw a flash of light and heard what sounded like a firecracker going off inside a pillowcase. An alert passenger jumped over seats and other passengers to subdue Abdulmutallab who was taken to the first class section where his pants were ripped off of him.

Bot the bomber and hero sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

The quiet, unassuming baby faced student lived like royalty in a posh $3 million London townhouse. Former college friends say he was a loner who didn’t have a girlfriend. His parents financed his lavish lifestyle, but after graduating from a London University, Abdulmutallab moved to Yemen and broke ties with his family.

His father Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, a former Nigerian minister and chairman of the First Bank of Nigeria, warned the US about his son’s extremist views but Abdulmutallab was granted a US travel VISA anyway. Abdulmutallab’s name was added to a terrorist database but apparently he was not given “no-fly” status.

This story has topped the world headlines for days and has received 24-hour wall-to-wall coverage on US news networks. But why attach Obama’s name to the incident?

Some say Obama has so far ignored calls to suppress Al Qaeda cells in Yemen where Abdulmutallab allegedly received the bomb and his instructions. Many members of Al Qaeda have fled the war zones and moved to Yemen and Somalia, both Muslim countries that Obama is wary of criticizing.

Obama has already promised $70 million to the Yemen government in its fight against terrorist groups. But some say that’s not nearly enough.

As Sen. Joe Lieberman told Fox News on Sunday, “Iraq was yesterday’s war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war.” [link]

The call has gone out for Obama to consider preemptive (military) action in Yemen and other Muslim countries harboring Al Qaeda terror cells. But so far Obama has resisted.

According to a British paper, Abdulmutallab bragged to the FBI that there are “25 more” terrorists just like him ready to bomb commercial airliners in the US.