Twitter was all abuzz this weekend with the news that legendary singer Mary J Blige put the smack down on her husband Kendu Isaacs for eyeballing waitresses at her album release party last week.

Page Six gossip column was the first to report the blow up, but MJB’s camp quickly went into damage control denying the slug fest ever occurred (which makes you wonder if they were there to witness the fisticuffs?)

If the punch out really did go down, it’s about time that an industry wife put her foot on her man’s neck and checked his azz in public. Rumors abound about Kendu’s roving eye and the fact that he’s a cheater. Mary J don’t play that! Maybe this will send a warning to other industry husbands to toe the line or get some of what Kendu got. How embarrassing for a man to be b*tch slapped by his wife at an industry party.

Hip Hop fraud Nicki Minaj and sexy singer Tyrese partied at an Atlanta nightspot after the Hot 107.9 Jingle Jam, which I heard was a huge success. Lmao, Nicki looks like she borrowed her lacefront wig from Necole B.

I like the fact that Nicki poured out expensive champagne and Patron liquor for her fans who paid to party with her. That was a nice touch. Maybe she’s not so bad after all. I wonder why none of these other so-called ballers thought of giving back like that?

They say Lil Wayne, the Young Money Clique, Usher, Keri Hilson, Trey Song, Nicki, Young Dro, Plies, and more, all turned the Jingle Jam out!

Sorry, I don’t have a concert recap for you guys because the promoter only gave me a single ticket even though I asked for an additional ticket for my good girlfriend. So we left after standing in the cold night air for over an hour. What was I supposed to do, pay for her ticket?

The good news is the promoter came through with tickets for my readers. So, it’s all good!

Hi Sandra,

Julia here with Devyne Stephens and Upfront Megatainment. Thanks so much for the post – it’s great! Please can you correct the picture with Devyne and the little boy. He is not Devyne’s son, but a young child from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding Hospital who is suffering from asthma.

Please see blurb below and make amendments as soon as possible…

    Fourteen-year-old Antwan “Twan” Watson-Robinson was diagnosed at a young age with asthma and severe allergies. For the past eight years, Twan has visited Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for treatment and now receives immunotherapy injections in addition to his other medications to control his allergy symptoms.
    Without these treatments, Twan would likely experience severe breathing difficulties, leading to time in the Children’s Emergency department or even the Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).
    Despite his diagnoses, Twan is upbeat and quick to charm the doctors and nurses at Children’s. A member of the school band and a football player, Twan has not allowed his asthma or allergies to slow him down. Off the field he also excels in the talented and gifted program at his school and hopes to one day become a sports announcer.

Kind regards and Merry Christmas 🙂

Julia Huie-Martin | Upfront Megatainment

I would like to wish my family a Happy Holidays! Enjoy your families, eat, drink and be Merry. But most of all, Be Safe! I hope to see you back here on Monday, Dec. 28. But if not, please have a happy and safe New Year!


I can’t believe someone uploaded my all-time favorite Christmas song, “Happy Holidays” by the Ohio Players, to YouTube!

My 2nd all-time favorite Christmas song is “Grown Up Christmas List” by the Diva Monica. I know there’s a live version of this song out there but I couldn’t find it.

Celebrity choreographer turned music mogul Devyne Stephens held his annual Christmas bash on Tuesday night here in Atlanta.

Celebs such as R&B Diva Monica, musicians Jermaine Dupri, Akon, B. Cox, rapper Yung Joc and Mayor Kasim Reed turned out. And, of course celebrity photographer Prince Williams of was there to capture all the excitement!

The $50,000 extravaganza included Las Vegas style production, show girls and dance routines worthy of Broadway.

Stephens went all out this year giving $300,000 to a local charity.

Monica and Mayor Kasim Reed

Singer Akon and Devyne Stephens

MORE pics after the break!

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Rapper Ke$ha’s debut single “Tik Tok” knocks Alicia Keys and Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” out of the top spot on charts.

Both tunes are club favorites, but “Tik Tok” has a beat that makes you want to get up and move something. “Empire” slips to 2nd place after ruling the top of the charts for five consecutive weeks.