A Marietta couple is being held in the Cobb County jail after their 2-month-old baby was found to have 20 broken bones and a skull fracture. A Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta employee called police after the baby was examined at the hospital on Tuesday (12/22).

Police charged Antoinette White, 22, with aggravated battery, felony cruelty to children and second-degree cruelty to children. She is being held on $100,000 bond. Her boyfriend, Kevin Straight, 32, was charged with second-degree cruelty to children. He is being held on $50,000 bond.

“Horrible doesn’t begin to describe this tragic case,” Police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said. Read More…

White, who is unemployed, and her boyfriend Straight, who works at a Cactus Car Wash, were interviewed by investigators at the Crimes Against Children Office, then arrested.

White had a black eye and other facial contusions in her mug shot, indicating she might be a victim of domestic abuse herself. Cobb police removed a 1-year-old child from her home.

Earlier I told you that Usher was planning to throw a birthday party two weeks ago for one of the sons he had with ex-wife Tameka Foster-Glover. I questioned whether he would actually show up because Trampeka would be there. But it looks like he and Tramp buried the hatchet long enough to be civil with each other at Naviyd Ely Raymond’s 1st birthday party in Atlanta.

Usher and Trampeka’s divorce was finalized last month.


A non profit group has unveiled a new ad aimed at exposing yet another one of Barack Obama’s lies. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee purchased television spots in Wisconsin and Washington DC to air an ad accusing the president of abandoning the backbone of his health care reform agenda — the public option — for an individual mandate instead.

The group argues that without the public option, the insurance companies benefit and the taxpayers lose.

The television spots cost $40,000 and the group plans to raise money online to pay for more airtime. By showing the ad in Wisconsin, the group hopes to persuade Sen. Russ Feingold (Democrat) to drop his support of the bill if it doesn’t include the public option.

“President Obama should frankly feel ashamed that he promised Americans a public option, got people to believe real change was possible, and then never truly fought for it — instead, pushing a mandate that he specifically campaigned against,” said Adam Green, co-founder, Progressive Change Campaign Committee in a statement accompanying the ad’s release. “Hopefully, our ad inspires one brave senator to represent the will of the people and insist that a public option be in any final bill.” Read More…

This is why I don’t post baby rumors until the celebrity’s camp confirms it. What is the big deal with celebs having babies anyway? I could see if it was some great achievement that doesn’t occur naturally on the planet every second of the day.

Scratch one off the baby bump watch list. Jennifer Hudson’s publicist is shooting down reports that her client is preggers. “Contrary to what has been falsely reported, Jennifer Hudson is not pregnant,” rep Lisa Kasteler tells People.com. “Jennifer leaves in April for South Africa where she will portray Winnie Mandela in the feature film, Winnie.” Source

Troubled rapper/producer Kanye West and his beard Amber Rose went to see the blockbuster movie Avatar at a theater in Hollywood last night. The movie grossed over $242 million worldwide this past weekend. It’s still not the biggest opening movie for December openings overall. That honor goes to Will Smith’s I Am Legend.

My home girl K and I saw Avatar over the weekend — well, I saw 5 minutes of it before my head started pounding from the 3D effects. I stopped watching after 5 minutes and ended up falling asleep. So I couldn’t tell you what the movie was about.

Photos: JustJared.com

I was checking out pics on Zimbio.com when I saw these images of singer Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon vacationing in Aspen. At first I wasn’t going to post these pics because who cares? they looked like normal everyday pics to me… until I looked down at Nick’s feet.

My, what tiny feet he has.

His feet are even smaller than Mariah’s! In fact, his bodyguard’s shoes are twice as big as Nick’s. You know what they say about brothas and big feet… Well, we now know that Mimi is not into Nick for his, shall we say, physical attributes?

Cute puppy

Thanks to loyal reader Big Reuben for confirming the fact that the big dude seen shopping with Rihanna at Saks yesterday is not her new bodyguard. He’s a baseball palyer for the LA Dodgers named Matt Kemp. According to Big Reub, this baller gets around.

Big Reuben writes:

Hi Sandra i would like to begin with saying i love your blog and i read it daily but i seen the pics you posted today of rihanna out shopping and you said that it was her bodyguard but the male was Matt Kemp who plays for the LA Dodgers. Go look him up. He was also seen hanging with Letoya Luckett at a LA Clippers game a few months back.


Just days after dropping disgraced golf superstar Tiger Woods as its spokesman, the TAG Heuer watch company has had a change of heart.

Some legal goon at corporate headquarters must have remembered that a contract is legally binding and they would have to buy out the rest of Tiger’s lucrative contract because — oops — they forgot to include a morals clause that would automatically nullify the contract if Tiger was to, let’s say get caught cheating on his wife with 14 skanks.

So it was probably more economical to keep using Tiger’s still marketable image rather than throw all that cash down the drain, at least until his contract expires.

Meanwhile, Tiger is spending the holidays with golfing buddies on his luxury yacht in the warm waters off the coast of the Bahamas. For all that talk about Tiger keeping his family together and seeking marriage therapy, it looks like his marriage to former nanny Elin Nordegren is definitely over.

It’s rare for a man (who isn’t off fighting a war or some such) to spend the holidays away from his children.

According to the British version of OK! magazine, rapper Jay Z plans to change his name to Shawn Knowles-Carter to keep the Knowles family bloodline going.

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z – who married in April 2008 – are to take on both of their respective surnames in order to keep the Sweet Dreams singer’s parental line from dying out.

Jay-Z – whose real name is Shawn Carter – will now be known as Shawn Knowles-Carter, while Beyonce is to become Beyonce Knowles-Carter.

A source revealed: “They want to keep Knowles because Beyonce’s parents didn’t have any sons and they’re keen to keep the name going strong, especially if they don’t produce any children themselves.”

Earlier this week, the Knowles family suffered a blow when it was announced that Beyonce’s parents Tina and Mathew would be divorcing after 29 years of marriage.

In October, rumours surfaced that Mathew may have been unfaithful, with a paternity suit filed by Alexandra Wright claiming he was the father of her unborn child – an allegation he has denied.

However, in a statement the estranged couple – who also have another daughter, Solange – claimed that the divorce would not be “an ugly, messy fight” and they would continue working together amicably. Source