Pop singer Rihanna and her BFF Melissa arrived back home in LA on Monday after RiRi taped Carson Daly’s NYE special in NYC over the weekend.

Rihanna looked hawt in a mid length black pea coat, sexy black stripper boots and animal print scarf with matching bag.

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According to a loyal reader who requested anonymity, troubled rapper/producer Kanye West is utilizing the services of a family member to keep tabs on his boo (and professional beard) Amber Rose. Kanye needs Amber to keep up appearances while he’s off doing his own thing.

As you know Amber (who has no discernible skills other than working a pole) is crisscrossing the US making paid appearances at nightclubs. If promoters are willing to pay her anywhere from 5 to 10 stacks to make personal appearances, she might as well take advantage before her 15 minutes runs out, right?

Well, according to my loyal reader, Kanye isn’t exactly the trusting kind. Strippers are notorious for being extra friendly to anyone who waves a hundred dollar bill in their faces. Having a spy around to make sure she stays loyal (and stays out of someone’s hotel room) is a must.

The bottom line is, you shouldn’t be with a stripper if you’re not the trusting type or your feelings are easily hurt.

Anyway, my loyal reader writes that she was at a party in LA where she spotted Amber seductively grinding on the rapper Fabolous and his baller friends. Kanye’s cousin and her brother Antonio became noticeably distressed with what they were seeing and asked her to leave, says my reader.

Read my loyal reader’s email after the break! By the way, the pics of Kanye and his cousin are not from the LA party.

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I guess not enough of you believed that lie about the H1N1 being a “crisis”, so the president of the United States Barack Obama rolled up his sleeves yesterday to show you that he is willing to take the shot himself.

The White House confirmed yesterday that both Barack and the First lady Michelle Obama have each received the shot. But what took them so long?

It’s been a whole two months since Obama declared a fake national emergency in an attempt to spark a panic among US citizens (and inflate an artificial demand for the injections thereby padding the pockets of his fat cat pharmaceutical friends).

Luckily, people aren’t as dumb as he thinks we are, and his fake crisis warnings fell on deaf ears.

Obama said, “People need to understand that this vaccine is safe [blah blah blah],”. Can anyone believe anything that comes out of this man’s mouth?

I personally still don’t know of anyone who’s caught the swine flu. Do you? So much for this being a crisis of national proportions.

In light of the recent publicized extramarital affairs of Superstar athletes such as Tiger Woods — Jackie Christie, wife of NBA player Doug Christie can hold her head up high and say, “that will never be my husband!”

From Bloomberg.com:

They poked fun at Doug Christie. Oh, how they laughed. They whispered and snickered in the locker room, even his own, which is supposed to be a safe haven. They mocked. They mimicked.

They called him names. Heck, Bryant Gumbel once labeled the former National Basketball Association player “whipped” on national television.

Ignorant and mean. Much of the venom was directed at Christie’s wife, Jackie, who was deemed controlling. And that was the nice stuff. There were threats made by telephone and e- mail.

“Pure evil,” Jackie said over the telephone the other day from Bellevue, Washington, where the Christies are settling into their new loft-style home.

Christie was a professional athlete who dared to be different. He willingly brought his wife on road trips. He took his marriage vows seriously, especially the part about forsaking all others. Christie actually enjoyed having Jackie around, even if her presence meant no strip clubs or groupies at the hotel lobby bar. Even if teammates didn’t get it. Imagine that.

Christie loved his wife. And, what’s more, he wanted her to know it, even while he worked. So the husband made up a signal, which he’d flash during games. On the court. On the bench. Didn’t matter. Christie would raise his left fist, and extend his index finger and pinkie.

It was the husband’s way of reminding the wife that he was thinking about her. Only her. The single-game record was 72 gestures. Different, yes. But so what?

Get this: Some of the athletes who once snickered at the Christies are now seeking their advice. Neither of the Christies would name names, except to say that Woods isn’t among the athletes who asked for help.

“I wish he would’ve reached out,” Jackie says. “I think we’ve stopped a lot of affairs.” Read More…


A recent study shows that black women are increasingly looking to gay and bisexual men for love.

This would explain the recent resurgence in the careers of men that were written off as gay in the past. Men such as struggling R&B singer Trey Song seen here in behind the scenes photos of his “One Love” video.

One industry chick told me that times are so desperate now for women who must compete with the booming gay population sector in Atlanta for their men. She says her friends have begun openly dating gay men for companionship.

“Often times these [gay] men know how to treat a woman because they see our hardships with straight men from a woman’s perspective,” said the record executive.

Some down low men aren’t even trying to hide their sexual preferences anymore. And it has become chic and a fad for teenage boys to wear tight jeans, high heel pumps and carry purses.

Recent marketing campaigns by Metrosexual singers like Chris Brown and Trey Song don’t help to draw the distinction between gay and heterosexual men for young, impressionable boys who may be confused about their sexuality.

The obvious bisexual undertones of Trey Song’s marketing campaign can not be denied — although his reps strongly deny it anyway. “You’re either gay, straight or lying,” as some gay men have put it. [link]

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As 2009 comes to an end, a new era of partying has embarked Atlanta. The Gold Room, Atlanta’s newest lounge and nightclub, made a huge debut last Monday, as Atlanta’s most influential crowd reignited the meaning of “partying”. As guests flowed into the modern-styled venue, thoughts of “Old Atlanta” nightlife triggered flirtatious behaviors, unpretentious attitudes, and if you were bottle popping or not, everyone was VIP. Everyone from Jermaine Dupri to Atlanta’s top corporate executives created a chemistry of just the right personalities.

On one corner of the room, you could see Kim Porter and Elsa Belia of Elle B Agency celebrating their birthday with close family and friends. As you glance over across the way, you could see champagne flowing between Young Jeezy and Akon as they toast to their 2009 successes and corporate execs mingling with lifestyle influencers such as Kenny Burns and Celebrity Stylist Middleman, both who are known to set trends many follow. Overall, the crowd was lively, friendly, and fly and everyone left with the feeling that Atlanta’s nightlife scene had finally revived.

This week will prove to be no different as Alex Gidewon and Jermaine Dupri jumpstart their holiday spirit by hosting their 2009 Christmas Celebration. With complimentary cocktails and musical navigation by The Key Club host Jermaine Dupri and DJ Baby Yu, guests will leave with plenty of cheer and maybe an early Christmas gift!

The Key Club at the Gold Room is brought to you by: Music Business Politics and the Elle B. Agency

Doors open at 10:00 pm. For VIP tables, please call 404 983-1943

Source: Angela Watts of A W Media Group

Well, it’s clear that Barack Obama will not be reelected president in 2012. Obama just lost the NY Post’s columnist Michael Goodwin, who voted for him.

President Obama, for whom I voted because I believed he was the best choice available, is a profound disappointment. I now regard his campaign as a sly bait-and-switch operation, promising one thing and delivering another. Shame on me.

Equally surprising, he has become an insufferable bore. The grace notes and charm have vanished, with peevishness and petty spite his default emotions. His rhetorical gifts now serve his loathsome habit of fear-mongering.

“Time is running out,” he says, over and again. He said it on health care, on the stimulus, in Copenhagen, on Iran.

Instead of provoking thought and inspiring ideas, the man hailed for his Ivy League nuance insists we stop thinking and do what he says. Now.

His assertion we will go bankrupt unless Congress immediately adopts the health monstrosity marks a new low. At least it did until he barged into a meeting in Copenhagen to insult the Chinese with the same do-it-now arrogance on carbon emissions. Read More…

It’s this time of year when people tend to reflect over the year and realize how Blessed we are. Looking back on his Blessings, Young Jeezy knows how important it is to give back & pay it forward. He chooses to do it through his Non-Profit foundation called *Street Dreamz*. If you look at these pics you’ll see that the kids look familiar. You’re right, these are the same kids you saw at the Thanksgiving event.

Along with being a Blessing and making sure these kids have a great Holiday season he’s also giving the gift that will truly make a difference, being a mentor to these kids. So even after the Holiday season is over he intends to stay involved with them and make sure these kids continue to travel the right path. Last night The event took place at Justin’s Restaurant where he shut the restaurant down to have a private party for the kids.

Everyone ate good then burned off the food in a dance contest. Then they all received presents. But for the Snowman, the grind just doesn’t stop as South, Ga is all abuzz as he’s preparing to shut down a gym, fill it with toys and again make sure those that have not, have this Holiday…

Source: Thaddaeus McAdams | www.imgmagic.com

Photos by ExclusiveAccess.net

According to NYEater.com, Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, who apparently can’t afford the services of a personal chef at home, stopped by the Italian restaurant Marea Thursday night.

After paying for their meal and leaving the eatery, the waitress found this doodle on Beyonce’s half-eaten plate. It’s a reindeer with red antlers created out of what looks like vomit.

In a way, you kind of feel sorry for Beyonce who is seemingly so bored eating out with Jay Z that she absentmindedly pushes her food around on her half eaten plate. Or maybe her mind was wandering because she was thinking about her parents’ very public and humiliating divorce?

Bey’s reindeer stick figure reminds me of the Rorschach inkblot tests sometimes administered by psychiatrists and psychologists to diagnose personality disorders. We can just imagine what a psychologist would say about Beyonce’s thought process after analyzing her food doodlings.

Reality TV personality Bethenny Frankel (NY Housewives) was so horrified at the comments and suggestions that her body was heavily retouched on that PETA billboard in NY’s Times Square that she released the photo on the left to prove to you that her face and bod were not heavily touched up.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m convinced.


Shutting down the comments section on Tigerwoods.com was probably was an afterthought for Tiger Woods’ damage control team. The last time I checked, the comments numbered around 27,000+ in his ‘apology’ post — and most were fairly critical of the serial cheater who got caught bedding sleazy skanks.

RadarOnline.com was the first to report that Tiger’s fans (and haters) were using his website as a sounding board to voice their personal opinions on Tiger’s transgressions.

Now it appears Team Tiger has read and reacted to RadarOnline.com’s exclusive report.

Visitors to the site no longer are allowed to leave comments, effectively ending the debate between Tiger worshippers and haters on his own site. Instead, the Dear Tiger part of the site features only questions and answers – and the statements that appear most embarrassing in retrospect have been removed.

I know how Tiger must feel. It would be a free-for-all in my comments section if I didn’t stand guard at the gate to my blog and determine who gets in and who stays out.

Our precious little Lacefront Baby is becoming a legend in her own time. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, co-hosts of the popular Young Turks radio show, tackle the issue of wigs on a baby.

They seem to agree with me that lacefront wigs (made popular by Beyonce) look hideous on our beautiful black women and children. “The baby is cute but the wig is not. It’s freaking me out,” declares Cenk.

Thanks to loyal reader, and blogger Gina (What About Our Daughters) for the video link!

TMZ.com reports that Brittany Murphy, star of popular teen angst movies, has died of a cardiac arrest. She was 32-years-old.

Murphy was found unresponsive in her shower around 8 a.m. this morning by her mother who called 911. She was transported by ambulance in full cardiac arrest to Cedars-Sanai Medical Center (a few miles away) where she was pronounced dead.

Murphy starred in such films as “Clueless,” “8 Mile,” and “Don’t Say a Word.”

Photo: Getty Images

Convicted rapper Lil Wayne can’t seem to avoid run ins with the law. Wayne, real name Dwayne Carter, and 11 members of his entourage were detained by a Texas border patrol late yesterday evening, according to TMZ.com. He wasn’t arrested but he is not free to go just yet (at the time of this post).

Border patrol agents tell TMZ a random spot check turned up bags of kush on two tour buses, but no drugs were found on Weezy’s person or on any of his entourage. No arrests have been made.

Wayne’s bus was pulled over by border patrol in the tiny hamlet of Falfurrias — roughly 100 miles from the Mexican border. As usual, an officer smelt weed and the search was on for the source of the sweet aroma. Members of law enforcement who need to pad their arrest stats routinely pull over tour buses of rappers now. I mean, it’s a given that weed and/or unregistered weapons will be found on board a rapper’s tour bus.

Wayne was convicted on weapons charges earlier this year and sentenced to a year in prison. He is to begin serving his sentence in February, 2010. But if he’s arrested in Texas, he may be entering the prison system sooner than he expected.

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